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This fact sheet series was written by Cornell CALS PRO-DAIRY Agricultural Energy Systems engineer Lauren Ray and Peter Wright, and published in PRO-DAIRY e-Leader, a monthly e-Leader newsletter distributed to an email list of nearly 7,000 dairy producers, agriservice, and legislators.

PRO-DAIRY Dairy Environmental Systems (DES) has published a new fact sheet series on the carbon intensity (CI) score under California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard applicable to New York State dairy manure anaerobic digestion to biomethane, also known as renewable natural gas (RNG). The two-part fact sheet series covers the terminology and components of the CI score, how it is used, and useful guidance on computing a Tier 1 Simplified CI applicable to New York State dairy projects.

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In a series of research projects and as a designer, Martin Hogue, associate professor of landscape architecture, has explored the history and culture of camping.

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As agriculture and food industries move further into the 21st century, there are plenty of tough decisions and uncertainty ahead. But these industries, and Cornell AgriTech, have been here together before. In its 140 years, the station has...
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