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This fact sheet was written by Cornell CALS PRO-DAIRY staff Kirsten Workman and Joe Lawrence and published in PRO-DAIRY e-Leader, a monthly e-Leader newsletter distributed to an email list of nearly 7,000 dairy producers, agriservice and legislators.

Fertilizer prices continue to rise with no relief in immediate site. With a slowly warming spring that has seen snow and wet weather, manure applications in many locations have been delayed. As manure trucks and pumps start moving to relieve pressure on storages, and corn planting starts, keep a few of these resources and strategies in mind to maximize manure nutrients and minimize fertility costs in a challenging economic year.

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Susan Riley and Caroline Williams pictured in front of a large red banner with the Cornell seal, holding the plaque for the Cornell New York State Hometown Alumni Award.


The 10th recipient of the Hometown Alumni Award, Caroline Williams '01 has spent the last 15 years working to improve living conditions in Utica, New York, and her nearby hometown of Remsen.

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A microalgae cultivation facility in Hawaii.


Growing algae onshore could close a projected gap in society’s future nutritional demands while also improving environmental sustainability.

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