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This fact sheet was published in PRO-DAIRY e-Leader, a monthly e-Leader newsletter distributed to an email list of nearly 7,000 dairy producers, agriservice and legislators.
Significant focus is on the cost and availability of key inputs for forage crops entering this 2022 growing season. While decisions made this spring to control cost without experiencing production losses will be very important, it is worth evaluating your current forage harvest and storage management for areas of improvement. Reducing shrink losses by even a few percent can offset acres needed, at a time when every acre will cost you more in fertilizer, fuel and crop protectants. Further, focusing on high quality and forage preservation can also reduce quantities of purchased feed needed.

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The brand is a triple threat: it’s an alcoholic beverage with a better nutritional profile, it’s made from material that would otherwise go to waste – and it could eventually act as a model for dairy farmers looking for additional revenue.

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