Pest Identification

Identifying your pest is the first step in practicing Integrated Pest Management. Once you know what it is you can learn how to manage it. Some pests can be identified on your own using keys or other resources. Others may require you to reach out to an expert for help.

Collecting Your Pest

  1. Carefully collect a specimen in a clear jar or plastic bag.
  2. Place the specimen in a freezer for several hours to one day.

Identification Guides

Resources to help you identify pests.

Agricultural Weed ID for New York State

Select among different diagnostic traits to identify common weeds impacting managed landscapes.

Diagnostic Resources

Sometimes professional help is needed. 

If you are unable to identify your pest, your Cornell Cooperative Extension office may be able to help. Don't forget to bring a specimen.

The Insect Diagnostic Laboratory can provide an insect ID for a small fee using e-mailed photos or mailed samples.