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Environmentally and economically sensible ways to protect ornamental crops from insects, plant diseases, weeds, and vertebrate pests.

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Landscape and Forest Pests

Information on identification, spread, and reporting for a series of invasive diseases and insects that affect tree species in NYS landscapes and forests

Choosing "native-friendly" ornamentals

Invasive species are among the top causes of biodiversity loss across the globe. Horticulturalists and gardeners can be part of the solution by growing and planting alternatives to ornamental invasive plants.

Using landscape plants that have genetic resistance to insects or diseases is a key pest management strategy. Resistant cultivars may not be immune to a pest but can handle more without showing damage or dying. These documents are summaries of recent research.

Not all sources agree on the level of resistance for a species or cultivar. The intensity of a pest attack, environmental factors, or the varieties compared may have affected outcomes.  We have not evaluated the methods of testing resistance or compared them between sources.

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Elizabeth Lamb
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