Scientific Coalition On Pest Exclusion

Advancing the science of pest exclusion through research and education to provide professionals and homeowners with the tools needed to keep pests out of the indoor environment. 

Who We Are

The Scientific Coalition On Pest Exclusion (SCOPE) is a consortium of industry, agency, and academic professionals formed to study and provide guidance on pest exclusion measures as a cornerstone of urban integrated pest management practices. Core Members of SCOPE were involved in founding the movement and determining its direction. Working Groups were funded by Regional IPM Centers, provided insight, feedback and field testing of ideas and concepts in specific settings: Residential or Industrial and Commercial Pest Exclusion.


Pest exclusion that prevents vermin from entering the indoor environment is an ancient concept. It represents a proactive measure that serves as the first line of defense against pests. Only when exclusion fails should population reduction tactics and traditional pest management be necessary.

Despite the intuitive benefit and simplicity of exclusion, adoption of this technique by pest professionals, builders, facilities maintenance personnel, and the public has remained low. Therefore, to advance the concept of exclusion, forward-thinking pest professionals and urban entomologists founded the Scientific Coalition On Pest Exclusion (SCOPE) to shift the pest management paradigm from reactive responses to pests to one that is proactive.

portrait of Matt Frye
Matt Frye

Community IPM Extension Educator

NYS Integrated Pest Management

Matt Frye