Community IPM Program

Our one-of-a-kind Community Program ensures that all of New York’s 20 million residents find safe and effective ways to manage the pests that infest our schools, damage our landscapes, contaminate our food and living spaces, and pose risks to human health.

What's Bugging You?

A guide to help you learn to identify, understand and safely manage the critters found in and around your home, garden, school, places of work and worship.

Public Health

Don't Get Ticked NY

Ticks and tick-borne diseases have become a significant public health issue in New York, with different tick species and diseases currently present and spreading within the state and region. 

Water Quality

Our Land Our Water

Measurable levels of lawn chemicals are consistently found in Long Island’s municipal wells. Although much of Long Island’s drinking water is filtered, it can cost millions of taxpayer dollars to remove chemicals and deliver clean safe water. 

We can protect our water by adopting better landscaping techniques.

NY State with a tick crossed out and the text: Don't Get Ticked New York
Sea shore with a lighthouse in the background

Structural pests

Pests in homes and other buildings

Landscape IPM

Lawns, yards, gardens, parks and golf courses

This ebook was made possible through a NYSIPM grants program Community IPM award to Lori Brewer in the Cornell Garden-Based Learning Program, Horticulture Section, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Cornell University.