Biopesticide Profiles

These biopesticide profiles have practical details about using biopesticides effectively, including information on mode of action, compatibility with other pesticides, best storage conditions, and shelf life. They also include information on any known toxicity concerns for not just bees, but other beneficial insects like natural enemies of pests.

Using Biopesticides

  • Apply preventatively.
  • Use as part of an IPM strategy, including cultural management practices, other pesticides, etc.
  • Mix only what you need; don’t leave in spray tank overnight.
  • Don’t expose to excessive heat in storage.
  • When tank mixing, follow label instructions for all products. Check with company rep or distributor if you have questions. Do a “jar test” to determine physical compatibility if you want to mix two products for which you cannot find information on their compatibility.
  • Proper cleaning of spray tanks after any pesticide application is always important. Pay special attention to tank cleaning when a biopesticide is applied after another incompatible product.