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This event is part of the Fruit IPM for the Home Garden and Landscapes Conference. 

Fruit is susceptible to a plethora of insect, disease, wildlife, and weed pests. In this presentation, we’ll review IPM concepts and tactics, and how they apply to fruit. We’ll then explore a few examples of pests and how IPM can be used in landscapes and home gardens to manage them effectively.  

About the Speaker

Anna Wallis
NYSIPM Program 

Anna Wallis is the Fruit IPM Coordinator at the NY State Integrated Pest Management Program, where she develops research-based, sustainable IPM strategies and increases farmer and producer engagement through extension and outreach. She holds bachelor’s degrees in biology and music from the University of Maryland, and a doctorate in Plant Pathology and Plant Microbe Biology from Cornell University, where she worked with Professor Kerik Cox on research and extension efforts focused on investigating fire blight and identifying sustainable management solutions. 

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Fruit IPM for the Home Garden and Landscapes Conference

Date & Time

June 27, 2024
11:50 am - 12:20 pm



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Anna Wallis


Anna Wallis, NYSIPM Program


New York State Integrated Pest Management

Cornell AgriTech

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