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The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Cornell is a global leader of scientific inquiry in the areas of agricultural, life, environmental and social sciences. It is a place where world-class faculty and staff with top-notch students come together in an environment that promotes mutual respect, diversity, inquisitiveness and dedication to applying knowledge with public purpose.

In order to foster this atmosphere of scholarship and collaboration, CALS is structured in two fundamental ways. Our faculty are organized into 16 academic departments and 2 schools, many of which are shared with other colleges at Cornell University. Our undergraduate students are organized by their majors and our graduate students are organized by their field of graduate study. CALS undergraduate students choose from over 20 exciting majors and more than 25 minors, many of which are cross-departmental to take advantage of the knowledge, experience and expertise of faculty from several disciplines. CALS faculty intersect with graduate students in more than 30 graduate fields of study that cover a wide array of scientific areas. Read more about our degree programs in the CALS Program Finder

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Department of Global Development Launching in January 2020

A globe on a desk in Uris Library.