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Membrane Processing and Concentration by Evaporation of Liquid Foods and Beverages


This workshop is designed for those involved and interested in the fractionation, separation, concentration, and drying of liquid foods and beveragess. Quality, processing, food safety and cleaning are aspects of the courses. It will be instructed by Cornell Dairy Foods Extension staff and processing industry experts.


Sample Agenda

Day 1:
  • Welcome and Introductions¬†
  • Membrane Technology, Terminology & Application
  • Membrane Design, Construction, Process Controls & Development
  • Membrane Demonstration-Concentration of Juice
  • Supporting System Design and Mass Balance Used in Membrane Processing
  • Membrane Care and Audit
Day 2:
  • Principles of Concentration by Evaporation
  • Practical Applications of Evaporation
  • Centrifugation Technologies in Clarification and Practical Applications
  • Membrane Demonstration- RO Concentration of Whey
  • Centrifuge Demonstration


  • Tuition is $880-$960 for in-state registrants
  • Tuition is $960-$1,100 for out-of-state registrants
  • Enrollment limited to the first 30 participants

Course Dates

  • August 2024-exact dates TBD
    • Cornell AgriTech campus, Geneva NY

Course Contact

Louise Felker
Program Coordinator
lmf226 [at] ()