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FSMA Preventive Controls for Human Food Qualified Individual

This 2.5 day workshop will fulfill the FDA Requirements for FSMA Qualified Individual Training through the Food Safety Preventive Controls Alliance and AFDO.


The Current Good Manufacturing Practice, Hazard Analysis, and Risk-based Preventive Controls for Human Food regulation (referred to as the Preventive Controls for Human Food regulation) is intended to ensure safe manufacturing/processing, packing, and holding of food products for human consumption in the United States. The regulation requires that certain activities must be completed by a “preventive controls qualified individual” who has “successfully completed training in the development and application of risk-based preventive controls”. This course developed by the FSPCA is the “standardized curriculum” recognized by FDA; successfully completing this course is one way to meet the requirements for a “preventive controls qualified individual.”

These courses are taught by Lead Instructors trained by the FSPCA, who have been instructed on how to teach the FDA-recognized standardized curriculum.

Sample Agenda

Online Course Agenda


  • Chapter 1: Introduction to Course and Preventive Controls
  • Chapter 2: Food Safety Plan Overview
  • Chapter 3: Good Manufacturing Practices
  • Chapter 4: Biological Food Safety Hazards
  • Chapter 5: Chemical, Physical, and Economically-Motivated Hazards
  • Chapter 6: Preliminary Steps in Developing a Food Safety Plan
  • Chapter 7: Resources for Food Safety Plans
  • Chapter 8: Hazard Analysis and Preventive Controls Determination
  • Chapter 9: Process Preventive Controls
  • Chapter 10: Food Allergen Preventive Controls Determination
  • Chapter 11: Sanitation Preventive Controls
  • Chapter 12: Supplier Preventive Controls
  • Chapter 13: Verification and Validation Procedures
  • Chapter 14: Recordkeeping Procedures
  • Chapter 15: Recall Plan
  • Chapter 16: Regulation Overview


  • Tuition is $725-$880 for in-state registrants
  • Tuition is $880-$1,100 for out-of-state registrants

Course Dates


  • February 20, 22, 2024, Live via Zoom- Course closed
  • May 21-23, 2024, In-person, Cornell University
  • August 6-8, 2024, Live via Zoom
  • November 12-14, 2024, Live via Zoom

Course Contact

Louise Felker
Program Coordinator
lmf226 [at] (lmf226[at]cornell[dot]edu)