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Forage Management


  • Dr. Larry Chase, Cornell University
  • Mat Haan, Organic Valley 
  • Betsy Hicks, Cornell Cooperative Extension
  • Tom Kilcer, Advanced Ag Systems
  • Joe Lawrence, Cornell CALS PRO-DAIRY
  • Dr. Kristan Reed, Cornell University
  • Dr. Bill Stone, Diamond V


Topics will begin with agronomic factors that influence forage quality and follow key strategies for harvest, preservation and feedout of quality feed.

  • Fermentation & Silage Science
  • Forage Variety Selection & Quality Considerations
  • Forage Harvest Management
  • Silage Storage & Management
  • TMR Mixing Procedure & Maintenance
  • Feed Out & Feed Bunk Management

Who should enroll?

It will be valuable for decision makers and key employees in the cropping and feeding system on the farm.  There will be a mix of basic “101” level material combined with more advanced concepts and recent research findings.

There will be aspects of the course that are specific to northeast U.S. growing conditions and horizontal silos (bunks, trenches, drive over piles) but most of the material will be applicable to any dairy operation and storage structure.

How it works

This course is offered online using the web-based platform, Moodle.  From the comfort of your home or office, watch pre-recorded presentations and engage at your convenience each week.  Quizzes are integrated to reinforce concepts of each presentation. Weekly Q&A sessions are offered for further engagement opportunities.  

Platform and Technology Requirements


We recommend that you use a computer with a DSL or cable modem connection, or a mobile device with a fast connection for optimal viewing of videos.


Special software for the course is not required, beyond an internet browser (Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, Opera, etc.) and a small free download you will be automatically prompted to complete to access webinars on Zoom. It is helpful, but not strictly necessary, to have Microsoft Office (for Word and Excel documents). Your instructor can provide other options if you don’t have Office.


You DO need to have functioning speakers for the webinars but DO NOT need to have a headset or video camera. You should be familiar with the functions of your computer and with browsing the internet. The more comfortable you are with new technology and distance learning, the more you will get out of the course.

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