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CALS Admitted Students

Congratulations on your acceptance into Cornell University's College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (Cornell CALS)!

You should be extremely proud of this accomplishment and we are thrilled to welcome you to the Big Red family. We hope this site is a helpful guide as you learn more about the CALS community and prepare to join us at Cornell.

Congratulations again, and CUatCALS!

Our favorite CALS moments

Students share memories that defined their CALS experience. 

Kelsey LaFave ’24

Hometown: Locke, NY

Major: Communication

"#myCALSmoment was helping out at the CALS welcome tent for new students during fall ‘21 move-in. It was inspiring to see the new students’ enthusiasm and excitement for being a CALS student. I loved seeing the community aspect of CALS."

Matthew Roohan ’23

Hometown: Castleton-on-Hudson, NY

Majors: Animal Science and Information Science

Minor: Business for Life Sciences

"#myCALSmoment was attending a Guiding Eyes for the Blind pet-a-puppy event during finals week of my first year. I remember being stressed, but taking time to attend and was smothered with puppy kisses. I could feel all of the stress leaving and made some of my closest friends that day!"

Emma Rose Connolly ’25

Hometown: Yonkers, NY

Major: Environmental Engineering

"#myCALSmoment is being on The Ag Quad -- one of my favorite places on campus! I love spending the warmer days sitting and doing homework, going to Trillium for lunch, and going to Mann Library to study."

Winfield Mac ’23

Hometown: Las Vegas, NV

Major: Information Science

Minor: Game Design

"#myCALSmoment was getting to spend a summer work with the NYS Food Laboratory. I was able to learn so much about quality assurance and all the work that goes into making sure food is safe for consumption in New York."

Jada Boggs ’24

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Major: Animal Science

"#myCALSmoment was going to Ezra's farm with my BIOAP 1100 (Domestic Animal Biology) class, getting to put my arm in a fistulated cow and petting sheep from the sheep class."

Madeleine Nishimura ’23

Hometown: San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Major: Biometry and Statistics

Minor: Business, Applied Economics & Management (AEM)

"#myCALSmoment was winning the Student Engaged Community Grant. With this funding, I was able to teach a week-long food education course to adults and young children in support of a nonprofit I have worked with for years. As a result of the course, two of these adults were able to open up a food education and gardening program at a local elementary school in my area."

Jack Savell ’24

Hometown: Haddon Township, NJ

Major: Communication

"One of my favorite #mycalsmoments was during the first week of school. The initial orientation program was a great way to get to know Cornell and our classmates while enjoying the beautiful weather."

Auriole Corel Fassinou '22

Hometown: Cotonou, Benin

Major: Biological Sciences

Minors: Biomedical Engineering; French

"#mycalsmoment would have to be my time spent as a member of the Biology Scholars Program (BSP). I think one of the biggest concerns for me coming to Cornell was making friends and figuring out where I belonged -- and to get there amidst the countless opportunities and unique experiences. Joining BSP gave me a tight-knit community of classmates on a shared path. It also definitely made the long studying sessions in Stimson Hall much more enjoyable since there was always someone I knew I could study with!"

Kelsey LaFave
Matthew Roohan
Emma Rose Connolly
Winfield Mac
Jada Boggs
Madeleine Nishimura
Jack Savell
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