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Organic @ Cornell Project Submission Form

Please complete the below fields to submit your organic research program and/or project to Organic at Cornell for inclusion on the website.  A red asterisk indicates a required field. This form is collecting all the information relevant to your project or program. There will be an opportunity to review the information you are providing before submitting.

Write a 10-12 word headline describing your program or project
Please provide the project/program's start and end dates to aid in the administration of the list. If ongoing, please list the end date as "Present". e.g. "2015 - Present"
Include an approximately 10 word sub-head, further explaining your program/project
Use this paragraph to more fully describe the research question/challenge/problem you are addressing. Why is this important for organic farmers and other stakeholders? **This should be no more than about 60 words.
Write a second approximately 10 word sub-head which focuses on the type of research/solution your project/program is working to provide.
Develop a paragraph to explain or describe the research/solution your team is pursuing and/or the expertise you are applying from Cornell. How will organic farmers and other stakeholders benefit? **This should be no more than about 60 words.
Key Accomplishments, knowledge generated, outreach activities, resources created (remove section requirements and enter your information - proper formatting of the bullet points will happen when content is uploaded to the website)
Acknowledge your funding source(s) using their recommended language.
Please list the names of people or programs involved in your project or program that you wish to acknowledge.
You may enter any related peer-reviewed journal articles or extension publications here. (Please use short citations as space is limited.)
Include a link to a relevant website where readers can find more information about your work.
Affiliated Commodity
Please select the commodity areas with which your program/project can be affiliated. Having this information will help us determine with which commodities your program/project should be highlighted. (You may select more than one.)
Please provide your Cornell NetID email address in case the website editor has any questions.