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Organic @ Cornell

One of the most dynamic and fast-growing segments of the U.S. agricultural market

Organic is an increasingly important engine of growth for New York's farmers, large and small. Cornell supports organic agriculture and dairy through numerous research and extension activities.

Below find valuable resources for farmers and gardeners, agricultural educators, governmental agency representatives, university faculty and extension educators, and all others interested in organic production systems.

Visit the producers and gardeners resources pages below for specific production strategies for everything from squash to seed corn.

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Developing relationships

Supporting organic producers in New York

Our mission is to support organic producers in New York by developing and strengthening relationships among Cornell researchers, students, and extension staff and stakeholders including producers, consultants, input suppliers, and NGOs.

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Organic News & Events

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Sustainable practices linked to farm size in organic farming

Larger organic farms operate more like conventional farms and use fewer sustainable practices than smaller organic farms, according to a new study that also provides insight into how to increase adoption of sustainable practices.

  • Cornell Atkinson
  • Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management
  • Department of Global Development
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  • Soil and Crop Sciences Section
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Farmers can tailor their efforts to control weeds more effectively by pinpointing when a particular weed will emerge, according to a new Cornell study.

  • Cornell AgriTech
  • Cornell University Agricultural Experiment Station
  • New York State Integrated Pest Management


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The 2022 Cornell Seed Conference will be held on December 1st. This will be an in-person conference held in the auditorium of Cornell AgriTech, Geneva. Everyone planning to attend must Pre-register. Cost: $25 per person and paid by cash or check...
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First 20 participants from separate households will recieve a free copy of Managing Cover Crops Profitability!

Field Day

Join members of Cornell's New York Soil Health Team, Cayuga and Tompkins Soil and Water Districts, and King's AgriSeeds/Cayuga Ag Enterprises to view and discuss cover crops. We have 24 large cover crop plots to walk through, and we'll have...
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