Student Expectations

Students selected as Global Fellow participants will need to fulfill the following requirements:

  1. Complete paperwork in order for stipend checks to be processed. If all paperwork is returned on time, stipend recipients will receive one lump sum check in early May.
  2. Participate in two 1-credit pre-internship courses held for 8 weeks in the spring semester. Failure to fully participate in program will terminate student’s eligibility for the program, including the financial award.
  3. Complete an Internship Learning Agreement and return it to the Program Coordinator within two weeks after starting the internship.
  4. Keep a log (journal, blog, or other pre-determined tool) and send weekly updates to your Global Fellow Advisor during the internship
  5. Participate in a 1-credit post-internship independent study which will include a written evaluation of the completed internship highlighting their accomplishments, their personal growth, and how the experience has affected their future career expectations. Students must also submit an updated copy of your resume, integrating learning outcomes and skills acquired during internship.
  6. Write a thank you letter to the donor.

Other Possibilities For Fellows

CALS will not award academic credit for these summer internships; however you may want to consider doing an independent study on a topic related to your internship after you return.  Interested students should reach out to a faculty member in a related department to see if they will sponsor an independent study.