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CALS Kathy Druckman Berggren Diversity and Inclusion Award

Kathy Druckman Berggren was a faculty member in CALS with a passion for developing engaging curricula and empowering students.

She was adviser to student groups including the Association for Women in Communication, FACES (Facts, Advocacy and Control of Epileptic Seizures), Help a Life Organization and the Touchtones a cappella group. She served on many department, college and university committees, including co-chair of the CALS Diversity Committee. She was a past board member of WVBR radio station and of the Association for Women in Communication, and she was a fellow for the Center for Outreach and Engagement, where she led a project to design a disability awareness program for middle school students. Kathy was involved in many advocacy efforts in Ithaca, including as a parent advocate for the Ithaca City School District.

Nominees must demonstrate promotion of diversity within their teaching, research and/or extension program(s).

  • Eligibility: Nominees for the CALS Kathy Druckman Berggren Diversity and Inclusion Award must be CALS faculty or academic staff. Previous award recipients are ineligible for nomination until after a period of five years.
  • Specifics: The CALS Kathy Druckman Berggren Diversity and Inclusion Award recognizes members of the CALS faculty or academic staff who have made a significant contribution to fostering an inclusive environment through their teaching, extension, or research.

Nominating Criteria:

  • Creating and fostering a sense of belonging for the broader CALS community
  • Developing research environments that facilitate a sense of belonging
  • Co-creating purposeful and reciprocal relationships that meet the needs of extension and community partners
  • Demonstrating a commitment to inclusive advising and mentoring
  •  Creating inclusive classroom climates and/or using innovative pedagogy

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New nominations are encouraged. Updating and resubmitting nominations from last year is also welcomed.