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What to do with stinging and biting bugs around the home.

Dr. Matt Frye, Community IPM Extension Educator with NYS Integrated Pest Management, will be presenting "When Arthropods Attack! What to do with stinging and biting bugs around the home" for the Westchester County Cornell Cooperative Extension. 

Description: The insect world is diverse, and includes a collection of critters that provide important functions in the ecosystem. Some are pollinators, some decomposers, and many are food for the birds, reptiles and mammals we enjoy in our landscapes. To avoid becoming a food item and defend their colony, some insects sting, while others bite to obtain food. This presentation will help you to better understand the stinging and biting insects found around your home, provide some insights about reducing encounters with them, and options for effective management when necessary.

We will also discuss:

  • Do mosquitos only come out at dusk?
  • Brown recluse? Black widow? Jorō spider? What is actually in our area?
  • What bug is that crawling in my bed?
  • Other pest arthropods like wasps and biting flies

Date & Time

February 28, 2023
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

dark mosquito with white banding on legs

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New York State Integrated Pest Management

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