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Roxana Muenster

Graduate Student, Department of Communication

Roxana Muenster

Contact Information

rm858 [at]

  • Social Media are not Made Equal: Social Movements’ Front- and Backstage. (2022). Technology in Movements – Movements in Technology. Copenhagen, Denmark. Muenster, R.
  • Environmental Issues Are Global Issues – But do environmental communication journals reflect this? A systematic review. (2022). International Communication Association. Toronto, Canada. (Bera, S., Vilchez, A. & Muenster, R. M.)
  • Time to Politicization: The Emergence and Effects of Politics on Science YouTube Videos. (2022). International Communication Association. Toronto, Canada. Omapang, A., Greene, B., Chao, Y., Muenster, R. M., & Margolin, D.)
  • The charm of cryptocurrencies for white supremacists. (February 5, 2022). The Economist.