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Ria Gualano

Graduate Student, Department of Communication

Ria Gualano

Contact Information

rjg322 [at]

  • Gualano, R. J.*, Jiang, L.*, Zhang, K.*, Won, A. S., & Azenkot, S. (2023, June). Expanding Inclusive Avatar Design: Understanding Invisible Disability Representation and Disclosure on Social VR Platforms. Poster presented at the XR Access Symposium. New York, NY.
  • Gualano, R. J. & Bowen, J. (2022, February). Online, offline, or somewhere in between?  A within-subjects examination of a domain-contingent self-concept. Poster presented at the Society for Personality and Social Psychology’s Annual Convention. San Francisco, CA.
  • Gualano, R. J. & Bowen, J. (2021, October). Are our identities segmented in the digital age? The self-concept in online and offline domains. Poster presented at the Sixth International Conference on Communication & Media Studies. Toronto, Canada.
  • Gualano, R. J. & Bowen, J. (2021, September). Personality and web 2.0: Social media’s longitudinal impact on the self-concept. Poster presented at the Seventh International User Conference of the German Family Panel pairfam. Bremen, Germany.
  • Gualano, R. J. (2021, April). The online self-concept: Measuring the domain-contingent expression of identity and personality. Abstract presented as panelist on the Social, Digital and Mass Media Panel at the 39th Annual Mid-Atlantic Undergraduate Social Research Conference. Shepherdstown, WV.
  • Engineer, A., Gualano, R. J., Crocker, R. L., Smith, J. L., Maizes, V., Weil, A., & Sternberg, E. M. (2021). An integrative health framework for wellbeing in the built environment. Building and Environment, 205, 108253.

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