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The Cornell Food Product Development Lab (FPDL) is a 6,000 sq. ft. pilot plant that serves as a statewide center for food and dairy processing education and training, product development, and cutting edge food processing research. The facility is ideal for manufacturing test runs or of new formulations, producing consumer samples, and shelf-life testing samples on a scale that mimics real production.

The FPDL is a licensed NY State Dairy plant and meets all state and federal regulatory requirements for processing food for human consumption. It is equipped with a wide selection of pilot-scale equipment with capabilities including drying, evaporating, HTST and Vat pasteurizing, separating, and packaging. The FPDL also maintains a cheese making area with various equipment. Experienced full-time professionals are able to assist in all aspects of development and processing.

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The mission of the center is two-fold: to provide training and hands-on learning opportunities to students that are interested in the fields of sensory and consumer research, and to help businesses develop and improve their product offering through consumer and sensory testing.

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The Milk Quality Improvement Program is a program funded by the New York State Dairy Promotion Board, dairy farmers dedicated to the production, manufacture and distribution of quality dairy products.

The objectives of this program are to assist New York State dairy plants in improving the quality of dairy products and to monitor and make recommendations to improve the quality of raw milk produced in NYS. This site provides an overview of the mission, goals, history and activities of the Milk Quality Improvement Program.