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Katherine McComas

Vice Provost for Engagement and Land-Grant Affairs, Office of the Provost

Professor, Department of Communication

Headshot of Katherine McComas

Contact Information

461 Mann Library Building
Ithaca, NY 14853

(607) 255-7737

kam19 [at]

Selected Publications

  • Scared Yet Compassionate? Exploring the Order Effects of Threat Versus Suffering Messages on Attitude Toward Scary Victims. International Communication Association Annual Meeting. May 2019. Washington DC.
  • When the Greatest Risk Lies in Not Trying New Things: A “Business Model” for Resiliency. SRA 5th World Congress. May 2019. Society for Risk Analysis. Cape Town, South Africa.
  • Communication challenges of the future: Recognition, reconciliation, and rewards. EFSA Conference on Science, Food, & Society. September 2018. European Food Safety Authority. Parma, Italy.
  • Communicating about One Health: Promoting Systems-Level Thinking in a Soundbite Culture. Korean Society for Journalism and Communication Studies Annual Conference. October 2017. Seoul, South Korea.
  • Motivations and Barriers in the Face of Risk Communication. The Royal Society Policy Salon. October 2017. The Royal Society. London, United Kingdom.
  • Troubled Waters: Risk Perception and the Case of Oyster Restoration in the Closed Waters of the Hudson-Raritan Estuary. AEJMC 2017 Annual Conference. August 2017. Chicago, IL.
  • One Health messaging about bats and rabies: How framing of risks, benefits, and attributions can support public health and wildlife conservation goals. Society for Risk Analysis 2015 Annual Meeting. December 2015. Arlington, VA.
  • How do people think about marine health? Exploring motivated reasoning about the links between climate change, oyster disease, and human health. International Communication Association (ICA). May 2014. ICA. Seattle, WA.

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