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Jonathon Schuldt

Associate Professor, Department of Communication

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Contact Information

465 Mann Library Building
Ithaca, NY 14853

(607) 255-1543

jps56 [at]

Selected Publications

  • Naiman, S., Stedman, R.C., & Schuldt, J.P. (2023). Latine culture and the environment: How familism and collectivism predict environmental attitudes and behavioral intentions among U.S. Latines. Journal of Environmental Psychology85, 101902.

  • Schuldt, J.P., Pearson, A.R., Lewis Jr., N.A., Jardina, A., & Enns, P.K. (2022). Inequality and misperceptions of group concerns threaten the integrity and impact of science. The ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science700, 195-207.

  • Ballew, M.T., Pearson, A.R., Schuldt, J.P., Maibach, E.W., Kotcher, J.E., Rosenthal, S.A., & Leiserowitz, A. (2021). Is the political divide on climate change narrower for people of color? Evidence from a decade of U.S. polling. Journal of Environmental Psychology77, 101680.

  • Pearson, A.R., Schuldt, J.P., Naiman, S., Bacio, G.A., & Romero-Canyas, R. (2021). Cultural determinants of climate change opinion: Familism predicts climate beliefs and policy support among U.S. Latinos. Climatic Change, 167.

  • Sweet, S.K., Schuldt, J.P., Lehmann, J., Bossio, D.A., & Woolf, D. (2021). Perceptions of naturalness predict U.S. public support for carbon dioxide removal strategies. Climatic Change, 166.

  • Kim, B., Kay, D.L., & Schuldt, J.P. (2021). Will I have to move because of climate change? Perceived likelihood of climate-related migration among the U.S. public. Climatic Change, 165.

  • Song, Y., Huang, Z., Schuldt, J.P., & Y. Connie Yuan (2021). National prisms of a global phenomenon: A comparative study of press coverage of climate change in the U.S., U.K., and China. Journalism.

  • Schuldt, J.P., Enns, P.K., Konrath, S.H., & Schwarz, N. (2020). Shifting views on “global warming” and “climate change” in the United States. Journal of Environmental Psychology, 69, 101414.

  • Schuldt, J.P., Eiseman, D.L., & Hoffmann, M.P. (2020). Public concern about climate change impacts on food choices: The interplay of knowledge and politics. Agriculture and Human Values, 37, 885-893.

  • Lewis, N.A., Bravo, M., Naiman, S., Pearson, A.R., Romero-Canyas, R., Schuldt, J.P., & Song, H. (2020). The complementarity of qualitative and quantitative methods in environmental psychology. MethodsX, 7, 100943.

  • Song, H., Lewis, N.A., Ballew, M.T., Bravo, M., *Davydova, J., Gao, H.O., Garcia, R., Hiltner, S., Naiman, S., Pearson, A.R., Romero-Canyas, R., & Schuldt, J.P. (2020). What counts as an “environmental” issue? Differences in issue conceptualization by race, class, and socioeconomic status. Journal of Environmental Psychology, 68, 101404.

  • Schuldt, J.P., Yuan, Y.C., Song, Y., & Liu, K. (2019). Beliefs about whose beliefs? Second-order beliefs and support for China’s coal-to-gas policy. Journal of Environmental Psychology, 66, 101367.

  • Pearson, A.R., Schuldt, J.P., Romero-Canyas, R., Ballew, M.T., & Larson-Konar, D. (2018). Diverse segments of the US public underestimate the environmental concerns of minority and low-income Americans. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 115, 12429-12434.

  • Climate change public opinion and recognition of inequities within the United States. February 2023. Environmental and Energy Study Institute: Congressional Climate Camp, Washington, DC.

  • New perspectives on health-related survey research: COVID-19 and beyond. May 2022. American Association for Public Opinion Research, Chicago, IL.

  • Who cares about the environment? Race, politics, and environmental concern in the U.S. December 2019. SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry, Syracuse, NY.

  • What’s social about climate change beliefs? Beyond political partisanship in the U.S. March 2019. Department of Psychology Colloquium Series, Université Grenoble-Alpes, Grenoble, France.

  • Responses to the U.S. family separation crisis: Insights from a panel survey of likely voters during the 2018 Midterm elections. International Convention of Psychological Science. March 2019. Association for Psychological Science (APS). Paris, France.

  • How groups help and hinder sustainability: Insights beyond the lab. 2018 SPSP Annual Convention. March 2018. Society for Personality and Social Psychology. Atlanta, GA United States.

  • Group norm violations in an online environmental social network: Effects on impression formation and intergroup judgments. 2018 SPSP Convention. March 2018. Society for Personality and Social Psychology. Atlanta, GA United States.

  • Stereotypes undermine public engagement with sustainability initiatives: Evidence from a national-level survey experiment. 2018 SPSP Convention. March 2018. Society for Personality and Social Psychology . Atlanta, GA United States.

  • Brief exposure to Pope Francis heightens moral beliefs about climate change. International Communication Association. 2017. San Diego, CA.

  • Does the label really matter? Evidence that the US public continues to doubt "global warming" more than "climate change". Cambridge Conference on Risk and Uncertainty. June 2017. University of Cambridge. Cambridge, UK.

  • Health halos as the cause and consequence of social judgments. Department of Psychology colloquium series. November 2015. University of Grenoble 2. Grenoble, France.

  • Experimenting with climate change beliefs: 4 things that matter. Behavioral Economics and Decision Research seminar. September 2015. S.C. Johnson School of Management. Cornell University.

  • Race and climate polarization. International Communication Association. May 2015. San Juan, PR.

  • Do incidental emotions affect climate change beliefs and policy support? International Communication Association. May 2015. International Communication Association. San Juan, PR.

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