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Maricelis Acevedo

The Role of the Borlaug Global Rust Initiative and the Wheat Diseases Early Warning and Advisory Systems in Preventing Ug99 Epidemics.  

Speaker: Professor Maricelis Acevedo

Research Professor at Cornell University in the Department of Global Development and the School of Integrative Plant Science. As of July 1 she will be a Research Professor in SIPS.  She serves as the Principal Investigator and Director of the Feed the Future Insect-Resistant Eggplant Partnership and as Associate Director for the Wheat Disease and Early Warning Advisory System (Wheat DEWAS).

Feed the Future Insect-Resistant Eggplant Partnership

The Feed the Future Insect-Resistant Eggplant Partnership, supports equitable access to a proven biotechnology that enhances food and nutritional security while protecting the health of farmers and the environment. Together with local partners in Bangladesh and the Philippines, we engage directly with farmers, scientists, and policymakers to deliver Bt eggplant varieties that meet the demands of the people who depend on this nutritious crop. 


The wheat DEWAS’ primary goal is to develop a scalable and sustainable monitoring and early warning advisory system for key wheat diseases in East Africa and South Asia and for better preparedness, contingency planning, and control. Wheat DEWAS will create a scalable, integrated, and sustainable solution that can provide improved advanced warning of vulnerability to emerging and migrating wheat diseases. The vision of success is that target countries have access to the timely information they need to implement improved crop protection against key wheat diseases.

Borlaug Global Rust Initiative

Maricelis is also the Director of Science for the Borlaug Global Rust Initiative (BGRI). In this role, she supports the development of human and physical capacity for National Agriculture Research organizations in East Africa and South Asia.


During the Spring semesters, Maricelis teaches a 7-week module on the Population Biology of Plant Pathogens in the Systems Epidemiology for Plant Pathology (PLPPM 5020) course that she developed with Sarah Pethybridge.

NYSIPM Academic Seminars

This event is part of the New York State Integrated Pest Management academic seminar series which is designed increase awareness of new research and techniques that advance Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and its adoption in all types of pest management settings.

Date & Time

May 22, 2024
11:15 am - 12:15 pm


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Dr. Bryan Brown

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Prof. Maricelis Acevedo


New York State Integrated Pest Management

Cornell AgriTech

Department of Global Development

School of Integrative Plant Science

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