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Program and Department Reviews

A program or department review will meet a combination of requirements that include those particular to the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, plus general guidelines established by the University.

A program or department review will consist of two stages:

  • a self study by the department faculty
  • an evaluation by an external review team

All departments, degree-granting graduate fields, and centers will be reviewed once every seven to ten years. The University's Faculty Committee on Program Reviews, in coordination with College deans, selects departments to be reviewed based upon the following criteria:

  • date of last departmental review
  • the College's already-established review cycle
  • dean's perceived need for a review
  • schedule of reviews for similar intellectual areas throughout the University

Why hold a review?

  • To enhance excellence
  • An aid in assessing and managing programs and organizations in planning for the future
  • A process to maintain and build science and education programs
  • To evaluate relevance and usefulness of programs
  • To assist departments or programs in meeting their goals
  • To develop forward-looking plans and strategies