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Graduate Field of Plant Pathology & Plant Microbe Biology

Advancing understanding of pathogens and their control

    The Field of Plant Pathology focuses on all aspects of plant diseases and the biology of plant-microbe interactions at the molecular to ecosystem levels of organization. This Field is also the home for studying the biology, genetics and evolution of fungi and oomycetes. The Graduate Field of Plant Pathology and Plant-Microbe Biology consists of three concentrations.

    Man examining an apple tree

    Biology and integrated management of plant disease organisms

    students working int eh hood

    Molecular genetics of interactions between microbes and plants

    basket stinkhorn mushroom in the field

    Fungi and oomycetes including genomics, ecology and systematics

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    PPPMB Director of Graduate Studies

    Adam Bogdanove
    ajb7 [at]

    PPPMB Grad Field Assistant

    Josh Balles
    jeb527 [at]