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Graduate Field of Nutrition

Generate knowledge through scientific research

    Graduate study in nutrition at Cornell offers the most comprehensive opportunity in the nation for nutrition education, research, and international and community service. The program is based in Cornell’s Division of Nutritional Sciences.

    The program provides exceptional opportunities to work with faculty who have a broad range of research interests, which span the fields of biochemistry, epidemiology, economics, physiology, genetics, psychology, sociology, anthropology and other related fields.

    Master of Science (M.S.)

    The M.S. program in nutritional science is recognized nationally and internationally for its multidisciplinary approach and the breadth of its faculty. Your course of study, depending on your interests, might cover anything from maternal and child nutrition, to obesity, chronic disease or nutritional genomics.


    Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

    Candidates for the Ph.D. degree concentrate in one of the following areas: Community Nutrition, Human Nutrition, International Nutrition, or Molecular Nutrition.

    Candidates are required to fulfill a minimum of six semesters of full-time study with courses in the field of nutrition and two additional graduate fields, must pass the Admission to Candidacy examination within six semesters of matriculation and successfully defend their dissertation based on original research.