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Graduate Field of Microbiology

Study the fundamental properties of prokaryote biology

    The Graduate Field of Microbiology at Cornell is one of the few graduate programs in the country in which there is a strong emphasis on prokaryote biology, the study of the fundamental properties of Bacteria and Archaea. This includes the study of prokaryotic physiology, genetics, and ecology. Understanding the diversity and unique aspects of prokaryotes and other microorganisms is crucial for future progress in agriculture, biotechnology, medicine, and environmental sciences.

    Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

    During their first year in the program students do three rotations selected from over 40 different laboratories  before deciding on a major advisor to guide their PhD dissertation work.  Once at Cornell, graduate students further tailor their individual program to their interests by choosing two minor areas of concentration.

    Applicants should have preparation in general chemistry at an intermediate level, organic chemistry, physics, and introductory courses in the biological sciences. Not having preparation in all of the areas does not preclude admission. Training in physical chemistry and calculus is desirable.