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Fields, dirt, greenhouse, tomatoes, beer, pilot plant.

Date & Time

August 13, 2022
10:00 am - 3:00 pm


Our open house is open to all audiences and all are encouraged to visit our campus for a fun-filled educational day. Parking is available at Jordan Hall at 630 W. North St. Geneva, NY. No registration required. 


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List of activities and tours

Learn about the diversity of color and shape that can be introduced into small-fruited tomatoes. 

Location: welcome tent

We are surrounded by “friendly insects” that do things like pollinate our flowers and crops and eat unfriendly insects (pests). Learn how to recognize some common friendly insects you’re likely to see in your yard, and what you can do to attract more of them!

Location: Barton Lab lawn

Have you ever wondered how fruit and vegetables are processed into food and beverages that you can buy at the grocery store? Here's your chance to learn about what it takes to process fruit and vegetables into safe, quality food and beverages. Stop by for a quick tour, sample tasting, and see some of the products developed in collaboration with the CFVC Pilot Plant.

Location: CFVC Pilot Plant

Gardeners will discover new vegetables for their gardens with roots in the Caribbean. Plantings include the herbs huacatay and culantro, calaloo greens, and unique peppers.

Location: Barton Lab lawn

DNA is amazing! Come extract DNA from a banana using household ingredients and learn how USDA scientists use genetics to improve our food.

Location: main tent area

Using monitor and dissection scope, visitors will be able to see the interactions between beneficial predacious mites, and pest spider mites. More general information will be available other forms of biological control including a project involving the release of a natural enemy of spotted wing drosophila, and entomopathogenic fungi for management of insect pests.

Location: main tent area

A great experience for children! Enjoy an opportunity to get up close and handle madagascar hissing cockroaches and walking sticks.

Location: main tent area

New York State Integrated Pest Management will provide insight on spotted lanternfly management. Tattoos for children will also be available.

Location: main tent area

Don't get ticked, New Yorkers! Learn about ticket prevention and get a free tick kit removal for adults. Tattoos will be available for children.


Location: main tent area

Watch a drone fly over our fields and capture valuable data. Meet our robotic dog and watch it do “tricks”. See how our autonomous rover provides important field data.


Location: McCarthy Farm. Shuttle bus from campus required.

Tour of the National Collections of apples, grapes, and tart cherries: Learn about how crop genetic diversity promotes sustainable American horticulture and how plant pathologists help protect these collections from diseases like apple fire blight.

Location: McCarthy Farm. Shuttle bus from campus required.

Walk through the Barton greenhouse range to learn how our greenhoused works and what kind of experiments are happening within the greenhouses. 

Location: greenhouse entrance by Barton Lab parking lot.

We'll discuss a range of different approaches to managing home lawns including different practices for mowing and managing pests and will talk about tradeoffs between the aesthetic and ecological value of lawns. We will also demonstrate methods for scouting lawns for insect pests.

Location: Barton Lab lawn

Come see some of the tractors we use in our research fields.

Location: Collier Drive

Look at New York state crop diseases through high powered microscopes.

Location: main tent area

This display will highlight common and economically damaging weed species found in New York agriculture. Lab members will discuss the current state of herbicide resistance and describe novel weed control technology including electrical weeders and precision, vision-guided sprayers, which will be on hand for demonstration purposes.

Location: main tent area

Enjoy a tasting of three plum varieties developed at Cornell AgriTech. 

Location: main tent area

Sample juices developed using our High Pressure Processing Validation Center.

Location: hallway near Vinification and Brewing Lab

Available ever 30 minutes. Join Thomas Bjorkman, professor of horticulture, to learn about the history of our campus as well as some unique tree varieties.

Location: main tent area

Sample food products from three different companies that have worked with our Center of Excellence for Food and Agriculture and get insight on how to start a food and beverage business.

Location: hallway near pilot plant

Fermentations and distillations! At the Cornell Craft Beverage Institute's Vinification and Brewing Lab, we'll be demonstrating a brandy still, exibiting small-scale wine-making equipment and the stages of wine fermentation, and giving you a chance to test your Supertaster status.

Location: Vinfication and Brewing Lab

Learn about the history of Parrott Hall and the early days of the New York state Agricultural Experiment Station.

Location: main tent area

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Event Coordinator Gemma, Osborne


Food Science

Plant Pathology and Plant-Microbe Biology Section

Horticulture Section

Department of Entomology

Cornell Cooperative Extension

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