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Chau Tong

Postdoctoral Associate, Department of Communication

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Contact Information

494 Mann Library Building
Ithaca, NY 14853

ctt39 [at]


Tong, C., Margolin, D., Chunara, R., Niederdeppe, J., Taylor, T., Dunbar, N. & King, A. (2022). Search Term Identification Methods for Computational Health Communication: A Word Embedding and Network Approach for Health Content on YouTube. JMIR Medical Informatics. doi:10.2196/37862.

Suk, J., Lukito J., Su, M., Kim, S.J., Tong, C., Sun, Z., & Sarma, P. (2022). Do I sound American? How message attributes of foreign disinformation relate to Twitter engagement. Computational Communication Research.

Tong, C., Winckler, H., & Rojas, H. (2021). The Connection Between Perceptions of Media Bias and Influence and Affective Polarization - An Examination in Brazil and Mexico and the United States. Revista de Comunicación Política (Political Communication Magazine), 3, e1.

Lukito, J., Loya, L., Davalos, C., Li, J., Tong, C, & McLeod, D. (2021). Chiming in: A computer-assisted analysis of popular musicians’ political engagement on Twitter. Social Media and Society.

Tong C., Gill, H., Li, J., Valenzuela, S., Rojas, H. (2020). “Fake News is Anything They Say!” – Conceptualization and Weaponization of Fake News among the American Public. Mass Communication and Society.

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Xia, Y., Lukito, J., Zhang, Y., Wells, C., Kim, S. J., Tong, C. (2019). Disinformation performed: Self-presentation of a Russian IRA account on Twitter. Information, Communication and Society.

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