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Brooke Duffy

Associate Professor, Department of Communication

Headshot of Brooke Erin Duffy

Contact Information

478 Mann Library
Ithaca, NY 14853

bduffy [at]

Selected Publications

  • Duffy, B. E., Pinch, A., Sannon, S., & Sawey, M.(2021). The nested precarities of creative labor on social media. Social Media + Society. April-June 2021: 1–12
  • Duffy, B. E. (2020). Algorithmic precarity in cultural work (invited essay). Communication and the Public, 5 (3-4): 103-107.
  • Duffy, B. E. & Hund, E. (2019). Navigating visibility and vulnerability in social media contexts: Instagram’s authenticity bind. International Journal of Communication, 13, 4983–5002.
  • Petre, C., Duffy, B. E. & Hund, E. (2019). “Gaming the system”:  Platform paternalism and the politics of algorithmic visibility. Social Media + Society, Oct-Dec. 1–12.
  • Duffy, B. E. & Pooley, J. (2019). Idols of promotion: The triumph of self-branding in an age of precarity. Journal of Communication, 69(1), 26–48.
  • Duffy, B. E. & Chan, N. K. (2019). “You never really know who’s looking”: Imagined surveillance across social media platforms. New Media & Society, 21(1), 119–138.
  • Scolere, L., Pruchniewska, U., & Duffy, B. E. (2018). Constructing the platform-specific self-brand: The labor of social media promotion. Social Media + Society, July-Sept. 1–11.
  • Duffy, B. E., Miltner, K. & Wahlstedt, A. (2020). Policing “fake” femininity:  Anger and accusation in influencer “hateblogs.” Presented at the Association of Internet Researchers Conference (virtual), October 26-31.
  • Sawey, M. & Duffy, B. E. (2020). The valuation of (in)visible labor in the social media industries. Presented at the International Communication Association (virtual), Gold Coast, Australia, May 21-25.
  • Duffy, B. E., Pinch, A., and Sannon, S. (2019). Imagining and resisting algorithmic systems: Independent cultural workers in an era of platformization. Presented at the International Communication Association, Washington, D.C., May 21-25.
  • Petre, C., Duffy, B. E., & Hund, E. (2019). “Gaming the system”? The politics of algorithmic manipulation in digital cultural production. Presented at the International Communication Association, Washington, D.C., May 21-25.
  • Duffy, B. E. (2019). Gigs on platforms, platforms for gigs: Feminized labor in the gig economy. Presented at the International Communication Association, Washington, D.C., May 21-25.
  • ​​​​​​​Duffy, B. E. & Hund, E. (2018). Projecting and policing authenticity on Instagram. Presented at the 2018 Association of Internet Researchers, Montreal, October 10-13.
  • Poell, T., Nieborg, D., & Duffy, B. E. (2021). Platforms and cultural production. London, UK: Polity Press (in press).
  • Duffy, B. E. (2017). (Not) getting paid to do what you love: Gender, social media, and aspirational work. New Haven, CT: Yale University Press.
  • Duffy, B. E. (2013). Remake, remodel: Women’s magazines in the digital age. Champaign, IL: University of Illinois Press.

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