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Beatrys Rodrigues

Graduate Student, CGSA President, Department of Communication

Headshot of Beatrys Rodrigues

Contact Information

bfr35 [at]

Selected Publications

  • tedX Blumenau, 2019, "Diversity wanted: creating new future possibilities"
  • HyperVR Festival São Paulo, 2018, "The Future of Immersive Tech"
  • HACKTOWN 2018, 2018, "Technology Beyond Binarism"
  • Unmaking Gender Conference at the University of São Paulo , 2018, "The hegemony of female A.I assistants"
  • XV Symposium "Know More About Food" ESALQ USP, 2017, “Future Food"
  • Rodrigues, B. (October, 2021). “Becoming Waifu” - Cosplayers’ commodification of digitally mediated intimacy. Presented at The Future of the Platform Economy and Platform Work PhD Symposium. [organized virtually].
  • Rodrigues, B. & Peruzzo, A. (June, 2021). Real harassment, virtual robots? Comments on Online Harassment geared at Virtual Assistant BIA. Presented at XI ProPesq PP – Encontro Nacional de Pesquisadores em Publicidade e Propaganda. [organized virtually].