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Zhi Ming Tan

Graduate Student, Department of Communication


Contact Information

zt59 [at]

  • Tan, Z. M., Aggarwal, N., Cowls, J., Morley, J., Taddeo, M., & Floridi, L. (2021). The ethical debate about the gig economy: A review and critical analysis. Technology in Society, 65. 
  • Tan, Z.M. and Narayanan, D. 2020. Agency and Structure: A Task-based Approach to Applied AI Ethics. The Next Digital Decade Conference. Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, Berlin, Germany. (Canceled due to COVID-19 travel restrictions)
  • Slupska, J., Zahrah, F., Eviette, M., Minko, R., Tan, Z.M. 2019. Cybersecurity, Tech Abuse, and Intimate Partner Violence. Connected Life Conference. St Anne’s College, Oxford, United Kingdom.
  • Tan, Z.M. and Narayanan, D. 2022. Attitudinal Tensions in the Joint Pursuit of Explainable and Trusted AI. The Next Digital Decade Policy Workshop. Digital Asia Hub and Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, Singapore.
  • Tan, Z.M. 2022. "Smart Cities and the Future of Work". Town and Country: Science in Urban and Rural Spaces. 5th Annual Graduate Student Conference. Indiana University, Department of History and Philosophy of Science and Medicine.
  • Tan, Z.M. 2020. COVID-19’s impact on decentralized and on-demand gig work in Singapore. Conversations at Taman Jurong Youth Network. Singapore.