Page, Block, and News Editing

Writing for the Web

Did you read Writing for the Web yet? Remember to be concise, make it scannable, use plain language, provide links, and proofread!

Editing Basic Pages

Video Tutorial: Intro to Page Editing - Edit vs. Draft

When you are logged into a page you will see tabs across the top of the page content as follows


By default this is the active tab showing the page contents. The content on this tab is what is live on the website.

Edit this page

Page content is edited by clicking this option. Changes made using “Edit this page” go live as soon as the edits are saved.

Create Draft

If a page needs to be reviewed before going live, or if you need to edit the page over a period of time, click the “Create Draft” tab. This creates a copy of the page that is saved, but not published. After you create a draft and save it, you have options to Submit for review, Preview, Edit, Publish, or Discard the draft.


Video Tutorial: Revisions

Revisions allow you to track differences between multiple versions of your content, and revert back to older versions. Revisions are made when you create and publish a draft.

Create sub page

This option will create a new sub page from whichever page you are on. In the above example a new sub page would be created in the About Us section.

Reorder sub pages

If the page has sub pages this option becomes available and will allow you to change the order of the pages as they appear in the menu system.


Blocks are sharable content elements that are placed on pages using the drop-down menus that appear on the Edit this page tab. They can be displayed on the left sidebar, right sidebar or content bottom. The content bottom option displays the block in the center section of the page.

To edit a block click on the gear in the yellow box and select edit. Once a block has been edited and saved all instances of the block will be updated.

Block regions showing content placed in the left sidebar, content bottom, and right sidebar.


Video Tutorial: News Callouts

News can be added to your site by either browsing the imported Cornell Chronicle News Items or by manually creating a News Callout.

CALS news callouts from the Chronicle are imported daily into your site. If you browse the Chronicle News List and see a callout you would like to display on your site, edit the callout by clicking the gear icon in its top-right corner. Then add one or more tags, and save the callout. You can also edit the title, callout, or image.

Tags control where on the site the news will be displayed. Every site has one or more customized tags to categorize their news callouts.

Create News Callout

Click the Create News Callout link to add a News Callout for a blog post, news article, video, or any other web page that you would like to feature in your News lists. Fill out the title, callout, and link fields, and upload a thumbnail image (it’s cropped for you automatically). Before saving, be sure to add one or more tags!