The WYSIWYG Editor

Did you read Writing for the Web yet? Remember to be concise, make it scannable, use plain language, provide links, and proofread!

The text editor we use on our sites is a “WYSIWYG” editor – What You See Is What You Get. This means that when you type and format text and pictures in the editor, it will look the same on the live web page as it does in the editor.

It acts like a basic version of the Word program. In fact, you can write in Word, or another text editor, and then paste the text into the WYSIWYG editor. Just be sure to use the “Remove Format” button after you paste in the text!

The Buttons

Remove Format
So important, I’m going to show this twice. Any time you paste text into the editor, highlight the pasted text and click this button to remove unwanted formatting.

Control-B will also bold text.

Control-I will also italicize text.

Insert/Remove Bulleted List
Highlight paragraphs and click this to turn them into a bulleted list.

Insert/Remove Numbered List
Highlight paragraphs and click this to turn them into a numbered list.

Decrease Indent
Click an indented line in a sub-list and click this button to remove the indent.

Increase Indent
Click a line in a list and click this button to indent the list, i.e., create a sub-list.
Video: Indented Sub-lists

Highlight text, then click this button to add a link to a website, email, or document.
Videos: Linking to a PDF or other file | Updating a PDF or document

Click on a link, then click this button to remove the link completely.

Create links to areas on the same page.

Insert an image. Click Browse Server to use an image or upload a new one.
Video: Adding Images to Text

View the HTML source code.

Insert Horizontal Line
Does what it says.

Remove Format
Here it is again! Any time you paste in content, highlight it and click this button.

Insert Special Character
Insert symbols or accented letters into the text.

Insert a table. It’s usually easier to copy/paste from Excel and then use Remove Format. Right-click on a table to edit it or add/remove rows.

Makes the editor fill your browser window. Click it again to go back to normal size.

Embed Media
For adding videos to your page. Paste in HTML embed code into this dialog box
Video: Embedding Videos and Other Media

Insert an “Aside,” or format text into two columns.

Text Formatting

What about font colors and sizes? These are editable using the Header options in the Format menu. You are limited to the styles used in the website design.