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Transfer students are an important part of CALS, making up approximately 30% of the undergraduate student population. We know you are not new to college, but you are new to Cornell CALS.  As you transition, Cornell can be demanding at times. You may wonder if this was the right decision to make, and by the time you receive your diploma, you will know that it was!

This is an exciting time as you begin to think about your classes, your extracurricular activities, professors and more. We encourage you to step outside your comfort zone, reach out to the community, and ask CALS Student Services questions when you don’t know where to go. Keep chipping away at your to-do list and check your Cornell email, Canvas and Chatter frequently for important information.

Non-Cornell (external) credit transfer

You can check the status of your transfer credits by reviewing your college degree progress in DUST. If your final transcript has not been applied to your record, make sure you requested the official transcript be sent to Cornell University, mail to: Undergraduate Admissions Office, Cornell University, 410 Thurston Avenue, Ithaca, NY 14850. Official electronic transcripts are accepted directly from the institution and can be emailed to undergradapp [at]

If you notice that courses are missing from your applied transfer credits or are not being applied towards a college distribution requirement you can email cals-studentservices [at]  

Zoom about credit transfer

We want to answer your questions about credit transfer and hope you’ll consider joining one of our scheduled Zoom meetings with staff from the CALS Registrar team. Please watch your Cornell email for invitations to one of our scheduled Zoom sessions.           

Connect with Cornell transfers

Within Chatter we have a private community for our CALS transfer students. This is great place to have your questions answered and connect with transfer students coming in with you and those who have already made the transition to Cornell before you.