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Faculty-Led Programs

Taking your classroom experience to the next level with a short-term study abroad experience.

Faculty-led programs offer a short-term study abroad experience that is organized and led by Cornell faculty. Generally speaking, a faculty-led program is an academic course that combines traditional classroom learning with experiential learning abroad. The experience abroad can be as short as one week or span over an entire summer.

For students who have never traveled internationally, these programs can be a good way to get one’s feet wet in a safe and supervised setting.

Examples of faculty-led programs offered at Cornell

This list is certainly not exhaustive, and new programs are introduced each year. Always check the Courses of Study to confirm which courses are being offered. Also, be sure to talk with faculty members to find out what else is being offered.

  • AEM 3290 International Agribusiness Study Trip (Read about the 2019 trip to Spain)
  • ANSC 2550 Dairy Study Trip to Italy
  • BIOEE 2640 Tropical Field Ornithology (Dominican Republic)
  • IARD 4020/6020 Agriculture in Developing Nations II (India)
  • NTRES 4011 Student-Community Partnerships in Ecuador
  • FDSC 4020 Agriculture in Developing Nations I (preparatory class for IARD 6020)
  • IARD 4940 Special Topics in International Agriculture (Varies. Panama, Honduras, Philippines in the past)

Looking for more Cornell classes with an international component?

If you didn’t find what you were looking for or want the latest up-to-date information, you can search for courses with an international component by using the keyword “CU-ITL”

Go to Courses of study and click on the advanced search under the Courses of study search. Type in “CU-ITL” and click the checkbox : “find whole word or phrase only”. The classes that will come up include language courses, faculty-led programs and classes like International Finance, Multicultural Work Environments or International Agriculture in Developing Nations.