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Explore International Options

Having a meaningful international experience can increase your independence and ability to be flexible. It can enhance marketability when it is time to look for a job. And, as we hear time and time again, it can be life changing. 

CALS recognizes that students study abroad for a variety of reasons, and as a result, offers a great variety of international options to CALS students to support their diverse interests. 

Academic Year and Semester Long Opportunities

CALS Exchange: Since 1954, CALS has offered their students unique opportunities to study abroad via the CALS Exchange program. CALS students are able integrate themselves into a partner university abroad, taking classes and living alongside degree-seeking students. The CALS Exchange programs are rooted in, and in many cases designed by, CALS faculty affiliated to an international academic institution or university department that complements your academic program. Students who have previously gone on exchange have found it to be a rewarding experience as it has added an international dimension to their degree, challenged them academically and facilitated the development of new skills, and enhanced their personal growth and self-confidence. 

Study Abroad through the Office of Global Learning: The Office of Global Learning offers over 400 opportunities through direct enrollment to a host university, third-party providers (center based programs), or Office of Global Learning managed programs. The type of program will determine the kind of experience a student will have abroad. You can read more about the differences between these programs here.    

Internships, Service Learning and Research Opportunities

Not interested in leaving the Cornell campus for a full semester but you still want to internationalize your degree? Besides study abroad and exchange opportunities, you can also consider doing a summer internship, research, or service learning project abroad.  

CALS Global Fellows Program: The CALS Global Fellows Program supports CALS undergraduate students from any major to pursue professionally-focused summer internships. Acceptance to the program is highly competitive and a limited number of students are selected each year. Fellows receive professional development, logistical, and financial support. 

Global Health Summer Programs: Opportunities are offered in Tanzania, India, and Zambia. Students will put into practice the knowledge and skills they have learned in the classroom. If you are a student majoring in Global and Pubic Health Sciences or minoring in Global Health, this will count toward your experiential learning requirement.  

Student Multidisciplinary Applied Research Teams (SMART): A unique service learning initiative for students across the university. It is geared towards helping both, small businesses and students, and has impacted over 400 students and 80 organizations over the last decade.

Summer, Winter, and Spring Break Opportunities

Going abroad for a semester, academic year, or internships is not the only option to have an academic experience abroad.  

CALS Exchange Partner Summer Programs: Some of the host universities CALS partners with for semester and academic year opportunities, also offer summer opportunities. Depending on the opportunity, students may have the option to do an internship, conduct research with a local faculty member, or take summer coursework. Contact cals-exchange [at] for a list of opportunities. Funding for these programs will be out-of-pocket. Outside funding (scholarships, grants) may be available.  

School of Continuing Education: Cornell’s School for Continuing Education (SCE) offers some summer and winter session courses abroad. Funding for these programs will be out-of-pocket. Outside funding (scholarships, grants) may be available.  

Faculty-led Programs: Faculty-led programs offer a short-term study abroad experience that is organized and led by Cornell faculty. Generally speaking, a faculty-led program is an academic course that combines traditional classroom learning with experiential learning abroad. The experience abroad can be as short as one week or span over an entire summer. For students who have never traveled internationally, study tours can be a good way to get one’s feet wet in a safe and supervised setting. Depending on when the course trip is offered, there may be no additional costs outside what is mentioned in the syllabus.  

Third Party Providers (Center-based Programs) and Other Opportunities: Students may also find more opportunities that may not be mentioned above. Some of the third party providers (center-based programs) offer summer courses, internships, research opportunities, or a combination these opportunities. These opportunities can be found on   Be sure to filter your search by the following:  

  • Category: Global 
  • College/School: Agriculture and Life Sciences to see all CALS-approved programs! 
  • Term: Winter and/or Summer depending on your interests 
  • Location: International 

You must get approval to go abroad regardless of the program. The process for approval will depend on which program you choose. Be aware of the approval policies prior to going abroad if you wish your credits earned abroad to return to Cornell.