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We tell stories about CALS research, education and outreach  — including peer-reviewed publications, grants and other awards, as well as how the work of our faculty, staff and students has a meaningful impact on local, national and international communities.

Our team will consider your ideas for potential story development and amplification via both internal and external communication outlets — including newsletters, the CALS Newsroom, the Cornell Chronicle, The CALS Magazine, Cornell media relations and relevant social media channels. 

Cornell employees can submit their ideas for both news stories and newsletter announcements via our intake form below. Alumni and other community members can email us at cals-comm [at] (cals-comm[at]cornell[dot]edu) with your name, email, phone number and a description of the news you wish to share.

Additional guidelines for the types of stories we highlight appear below the submission form, and we invite you to review them to make sure we receive the most salient details. Please ensure accuracy of your submitted details as they will be published as submitted. 

Criteria for news stories

We us the following criteria to choose news that will engage and inspire our audiences. News stories must be:

  • Timely - if you are submitting a peer-reviewed research paper, for example, we know about it at least a few weeks out from publication.
  • Showcase a unique aspect of our research, teaching or outreach.
  • Highlight the impact of the members of our CALS community.
  • Of general interest to a broad audience - think "news you can use."

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