2023 Hennig Society Annual Meeting program

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Sunday, July 9

  • 4-6 PM Registration at 135 Emerson Hall
  • 6-8 PM Reception at 135 Emerson Hall

Monday, July 10

Stefan Richter-President of the Willi Hennig Society

Symposium: History of Cladistics
Organizers and moderators: Kevin Nixon and James Carpenter

  • Morrone: “History of phylogenetic/cladistic biogeography”- INVITED SPEAKER:
  • Richter: “Phylogenetic Systematics vs. Cladistics- a German perspective”
  • Carpenter: “Cladistics at the American Museum of Natural History”
  • Stevenson: “A Short History of Cladistics in Botany”
  • Nixon: “The evolution of phylogenetic methodology in relation to modern concepts of homology”
  • Specht and O’Grady: “Vicki Funk: The Complete Botanist”
  • Brower: “30 years a cladist”

Student Contributions

  • Grams and Richter: “Malacostracan phylogeny and the importance of morphological character conceptualization”
  • Höpel, Schwentner, and Richter: “Speciation in correlation with cave immigration in Tasmanian mountain shrimps (Anaspides, Malacostraca, Crustacea)”
  • Silviria, Barrón-Ortiz, and Wilson Mantilla: “Specimen-level cladistic analyses of geometric morphometric configurations from mammalian postcanine dentition: Getting the state of the art into shape”
  • Torres, Goloboff, and Catalano: “Parsimony analysis in phylogenomics”  

Tuesday, July 11

General talks

  • Wheeler: “Multi-Armed Bandits, Thompson Sampling, and Machine Learning in Phylogenetic Graph Search”
  • Garzón-Orduña, Torres, and Brower: “Patterns of missing data and completeness in UCE datasets”
  • Czech, Spence, Peng, Bellagio, Wu, Lin, and Exposito-Alonso: “Population genetic statistics for the next generation of pool sequencing”
  • Srivathsan, Feng, Hartop, Lee, and Meier: “Rapid, large-scale species discovery and descriptions using a reverse workflow through MinION barcoding with user-friendly software”
  • Hartop: “The how and why of tackling a genus of flies that has 100,000 undescribed species”
  • Torres, Srivathsan, and Meier: “Molecular diagnoses for high-throughput taxonomy”
  • Lee, Brown, Meier, Yuchen, and Hartop: “Experimental Taxonomy for Dark Taxa: Addressing taxonomic impediments with “divide and conquer” and prudent disregard”

Symposium: Phylogenetics as Applied to Infectious Diseases

Organizers and moderators: Daniel Janies and Denis Machado

  • Janies: “Phylogenetics as applied to infectious diseases”-INVITED SPEAKER
  • Czech and Stamatakis: “Leveraging phylogenetic placement to understand the environmental drivers of microbial community composition”
  • Dornburg, Hassler, and Townsend: “An evolving future for pandemic preparedness: evolutionary medicine and phylogenetic comparative methods inform the durability of SARS-CoV-2 immunity”
  • Ocaña, Silva, Coelho, Terra, and Osthoff: “Phylogenetic and evolutionary analysis of dengue virus serotypes in Brazil: User-steering in large-scale phylogenomic workflows”
  • Machado: “Combining phylogenetic and artificial intelligence to unravel viral recombination

Wednesday, July 12

Symposium: Methods Using Palaeontological and Morphological Datasets

Organizer and moderator: Michael Pittman

  • Asher and Didier: “Fossilization and phylogenetic bias” (ZOOM)
  • Černý: “Addressing heterotachy in morphological clock analyses using reversible-jump Markov chain Monte Carlo” (STUDENT TALK)
  • Goloboff and De Laet: “Farewell to the need for character independence: phylogenetic methods to incorporate different types of dependence between characters”- INVITED SPEAKER
  • Laurin and Didier: “How did Ophiacodontidae, Edaphosauridae and Sphenacodontidae become extinct? New insights provided by a FBD model with variable rates” (ZOOM)
  • Lloyd and Hoyal Cuthill: “Limits and proofs under parsimony across the full empirical and theoretical range of discrete cladistic characters” (ZOOM)
  • Hoyal Cuthill and Guttenberg: “New machine learning methods for inferring phylogenies from embeddings of phenotypic photographs” (ZOOM)
  • Pol, Turner, and Wilberg: “Taxon instability in the phylogeny of Crocodyliformes: evaluating causes and impact on low support” (ZOOM)
  • Ezcurra: “Exploring different weightings against homoplasy in genealogies of paleontological phylogenetic matrices” (ZOOM)
  • Pittman: “The origin of flight in theropod dinosaurs: new insights from methods using palaeontological & morphological datasets”

Thursday, July 13

General Contributions

  • Szumik and Juárez: “Thirty years of embiid phylogeny: stability in the light of inapplicable characters” (INVITED SPEAKER)
  • Dikow: “New discoveries and phylogenetic placement of assassin flies (Insecta: Diptera: Asilidae) in Cretaceous and Paleogene ambers
  • Will, Maddison, Moore, Kanda, Wild, Gomez, Pflug, Boyd, Miller, and Schmidt: “A fossil-calibrated phylogeny of the beetle suborder Adephaga with an emphasis on Carabidae (Coleoptera)”
  • Noll, Almeida, Chavarria-Pizzarro and da Silva: “Untangling concepts for social wasps: how phylogenies help us understand the evolution of sociality in Neotropical swarm founding wasps”
  • Almeida, da Silva, Lopes, and Noll: “Evolution of neotropical swarm-founding wasps (Hymenoptera: Vespidae: Epiponini)”
  • St Laurent and Goldstein: “Phylogenomics challenge the current classification of Prominent Moths (Lepidoptera, Notodontidae)”

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