Willi Hennig Society Annual Meeting


Dear Participants

Because the annual Hennig meeting has no concurrent talks and issues with participants attending limitations, we have made a considerable effort to accommodate everyone's schedules.

However, it is possible that we still have some scheduling issues; these will be addressed at the beginning of the meeting on Monday, July 10.  We will accommodate your talk one way or another.

The final meeting program (updated 07-11-2023) and abstract booklet are available for download.

If you are presenting, please bring your presentation files on a USB flash drive (also known as a thumb drive, memory stick, pendrive, etc.) Presentation files will be uploaded at the beginning of the day. As a precaution, it is advisable to put a copy of your files in the cloud should your USB drive get lost or malfunction.

See you on Sunday


It is our genuine pleasure to welcome you to the XL Annual Willi Hennig Society Meeting to be held July 9-13 at Cornell University, Ithaca, located in the beautiful Finger Lakes region of New York, USA.  

Registration and lunches will be in 135 Emerson Hall and the talks will take place just down the hall in 101 Bradfield Hall, both walking distance from central campus. Coffee breaks and lunch (included in the registration fee) will also be served at Emerson. Registration will start on Sunday July 9 at 4 p.m. followed by the reception at 6 p.m. The meeting banquet will be held in the Terrace Restaurant at the Statler Hotel on the Cornell Campus on Wednesday July 12. 

For international travelers, please check with the American Embassy in your country about the requirements for entering the United States. If you need an invitation letter for processing the visa please email Maria A. Gandolfo at mag4 [at] cornell.edu (mag4[at]cornell[dot]edu) and Jennifer Svitko at jls25@ cornell.edu  (subject: Visa for Hennig XL).

Invited Speakers

  • Daniel Janies: “Phylogenetics as applied to infectious diseases”
  • Pablo Goloboff: “Farewell to the need for character independence: phylogenetic methods to incorporate different types of dependence between characters”
  • Michael Pittman: “The origin of flight in theropod dinosaurs: new insights from methods using palaeontological & morphological datasets”
  • Juan Morrone: “History of phylogenetic/cladistic biogeography”
  • Claudia Szumik: “Thirty years of embiid phylogeny: stability in the light of inapplicable characters”


Methods using Paleontological & Morphological Datasets

Organizer: Michael Pittman


  • Mark Wilkinson
  • Pablo Goloboff
  • Will Gearty
  • Alan Turner and Diego Pol
  • Michel Laurin and Gilles Didier
  • Graeme Lloyd
  • Jennifer Hoyal-Cuthill
  • Robert Asher
  • Martin Ezcurra

Phylogenetics as applied to infectious diseases

Organizers: Dan Janies


  • Lucas Czech
  • Alex Dornburg
  • Kary Ocaña
  • Denis Jacob Machado

History of Cladistics

Organizers: Kevin Nixon and James Carpenter


  • Chelsea Specht and Patrick O’Grady
  • James Carpenter
  • Dennis Stevenson
  • Stefan Richter
  • Juan Morrone
  • Kevin Nixon

Organizing committee:

  • mag4 [at] cornell.edu (Alejandra Gandolfo), chair
  • Kevin Nixon
  • Jennifer Svitko
  • Craig Cramer
  • Tara Reed

Sponsored/supported by The Willi Hennig Society and Cornell University