Plant Science courses

As a Plant Sciences Major, many of the courses you take are taught by faculty in the five sections that make up the School of Integrative Plant Science (SIPS):

  • Horticulture (Course prefix: PLHRT)
  • Plant Biology (Course prefix: PLBIO)
  • Plant Breeding & Genetics (Course prefix: PLBRG)
  • Plant Pathology and Plant-Microbe Biology (Course prefix: PLPPM)
  • Soil and Crop Sciences (Course prefix: PLSCS)
  • School-wide courses (Course prefix: PLSCI)

You can find full listings and course descriptions by visiting the Courses of Study website and searching for the course prefix.

Courses for non-majors

If you are interested in plants but don't have a strong science background, here are some courses that will expose you to the wonders of plants. Plant Sciences Majors can take most of these, too.)  

  • PLBIO 1130 - Light and Life: The Relationship between Light and Life in the Natural World
  • PLBIO 2400 - Green World/Blue Planet
  • PLBRG 2010 - Plants, Genes, and Global Food Production
  • PLHRT 1102 - Hands-On Horticulture for Gardeners
  • PLHRT 1104 - Introduction to Wines and Vines
  • PLHRT 1115 - The Nature of Plants
  • PLHRT 1250 - Organic Vegetable Gardening
  • PLHRT 1450 - The Art of Plant Anatomy
  • PLHRT 2010 - The Art of Horticulture
  • PLHRT 2150 - Coffee, Cloves, and Chocolate: Plant Explorers and Thieves
  • PLPPM 2010 - Magical Mushrooms, Mischievous Molds
  • PLSCS 1120 - Microbes, the Earth, and Everything
  • PLSCS 1900 - Sustainable Agriculture: Food, Farming, and the Future

To learn more about these courses,  visit the Courses of Study website.

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