Plant Science advising

Find a mentor to help you get the most out of your time as a Plant Sciences Major

When choosing an advisor, it's helpful to work with one who has expressed interest in advising students pursuing specific concentrations.  The faculty listed below by Plant Sciences major concentration will help you make a good match.

These faculty go through annual training, so they are aware of not just Plant Sciences requirements and concentrations, but also the college and university requirements you must meet to graduate.

If you’d like to be advised by a faculty member not listed, get in touch with Leah Cynara Cook, Plant Sciences Major Coordinator, lcc2 [at]


Ecology of Managed Landscapes (Ecology)

Organic Agriculture (Organics)

Plant Breeding & Genetics (Breeding)

Plant Computational Biology (Big Data)

Plant Evolution and Diversity (Evolution)

Plant Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology (Physiology)

Plant Pathology & Plant-Microbe Biology (Plant Diseases)

Plants and Human Health (Medicinal Plants)

Public Garden Management (PGM)

Soil Science (Soils)

Sustainable Plant Production (Sustainability)

Questions? Contact us

Leah Cynara Cook
Plant Sciences Major Coordinator
Phone: (607) 255-1257
Email: lcc2 [at]

Marvin Pritts
Director of Undergraduate Studies
Phone: (607) 255-1778
Email: mpp3 [at]

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