2022 Cornell Corteva Symposium: Breeding Across Fields

Virtual symposium: April 22, 2022

Hosted by Synapsis


Registration is open! Please use this link to register for the symposium.

*Everyone has the option to attend this symposium virtually, but only attendees from Cornell University may attend in person due to Covid-19 restrictions. Thank you for your understanding, and we hope to have a fully in-person event next year!

Confirmed Speakers:

  • Nicola Patron – Earlham Institute
    “Recoding Regulation: Synthetic expansions of plant metabolism”
  • Ryan McCormick – Corteva Agriscience
    “Towards Adaptive Agricultural Systems”
  • Jeffrey Endelman – University of Wisconsin - Madison
    “Haplotype Reconstruction and QTL Mapping in Potato Multi-Parental Populations”
  • Rebecca Grumet – Michigan State University
    “Leveraging applied genomics to increase disease resistance in cucurbits”
  • Prabhu Pingali – Cornell University, SC Johnson College of Business
    “Are the Lessons from the Green Revolution relevant for agricultural growth and food security in the 21st century?”
  • Maricelis Acevedo – Cornell University, Department of Global Development
    “Let’s Not Be Losers: A New Perspective for Plant Breeding for Pest and Pathogen Resistance”
  • Tal Dahan-Meir – Weizmann Institute of Science
    “Stability of the genetic structure of a wild wheat population across microhabitats over 36 years”
  • Ruiyun Zeng – Chinese Academy of Sciences, UCAS
    “Assessing the crop water deficit index and water productivity of the main winter wheat cropping regions in Northern China”

See full schedule below..


Plant breeding often requires synthesis of ideas and tools drawn from various fields, from molecular biology to agricultural economics, and the collaboration of diverse teams, so this year’s symposium will feature scientists who creatively incorporate methods from multiple disciplines into their breeding methods, for example incorporating weather pattern information into genomic selection and using demographic survey data to inform selection indices. We are inviting speakers from departments not usually considered within applied breeding, and we want to emphasize researchers whose work uplifts groups not traditionally thought of in mainstream breeding. Furthermore, this theme will highlight unique collaborations of various fields and important work to improve crop development outcomes and benefit society.


  • 8:30 Opening remarks with Ruth Epstein & Savanah Dale
  • 8:40 Opening remarks Jason Rauscher
  • 8:45 Nicola Patron
  • 9:50 Tal Dahan-Meir
  • 10:05 Coffee Break & Virtual Chat with Nicola & Tal
  • 10:20 Rebecca Grumet
  • 11:25 Ruiyun Zeng
  • 11:45 Lunch (First 15 for chat with speakers) with Rebecca & Ruiyun
  • 12:45 Jeffrey Endelman
  • 1:50 Prabhu Pingali
  • 2:55 Coffee Break with Jeffrey and Prabhu
  • 3:10 Ryan McCormick
  • 4:15 Maricelis Acevedo
  • 5:20 Coffee Break & Virtual Chat with Maricelis & Ryan
  • 5:35 Closing remarks with Savanah Dale & Ruth Epstein

2022 Committee members:

  • Co-Chairs: Savanah Dale and Ruth Epstein
  • Evan Long
  • Christine Nyaga
  • Seren Villwock


Contact Savanah Dale: smd346 [at] cornell.edu