Hiring: How do I...

As needed, the supervisor should contact the SIPS Appointments Coordinator, Roxana Usturoi, ru32 [at] cornell.edu () if they need guidance on a new hiring process for a Postdoctoral Associate. 

  • When the supervisor has all the information they need, a hiring request must be submitted via New Hire Request form. You will need to provide a position description, select a benefit program and set a salary.
  • If the candidate for the position is known, the hire is processed once HR approves. If the hire is unknown, the position will be posted in AJO and the process will be completed once a candidate is selected. 
  • If applicable, SIPS AC will coordinate the visa sponsorship process.

    Contact the SIPS Appointments Coordinator (AC) Roxana Usturoi ru32 [at] cornell.educlass="spamspan" if you need guidance on a new hiring process for staff or temporary positions.

    • Supervisors should submit a New Hire Request form. The request is first reviewed by a SIPS finance team representative to verify funding, provide an account number and to confirm benefit program. An account number will be provided for both contract and endowed accounts.
    • After funding has been approved by the SIPS finance team, the AC works with the supervisor to create/finalize the Staff Position Description (for staff only) and Position Justification Form. (A sample SPD is provided by HR to share with the faculty if needed.)
    • SIPS AC will send the request and documents to HR for review.
    • The request will be forwarded for further review by HR and then Central Compensation for final approval.

    As needed, the supervisor should contact the Appointments Coordinator Roxana Usturoi, ru32 [at] cornell.edu to discuss changes and identify different titles, obtain market salary for proposed change, and obtain guidance for specific situations.

    • Supervisors must request a change in non-academic or postdoc appointments through Other HR Needs form.
    • Requests are automatically routed to the SIPS finance team for approval, if applicable.
    • When finance approval is received, the SIPS AC submits the change request through TAS and sends correspondent documentation, if applicable, to CALS HR for review and approval.
    • For staff and temporary positions, HR sends the term notifications 30-90 days before the end date (depending on the appointment type), so the employee and supervisor can talk about the extension options. 
    • Extension requests must be submitted to the SIPS Appointments Coordinator Roxana Usturoi, ru32 [at] cornell.edu ( )through the Extension Request form.
    • If an extension request is not received one month after Term Notice, the SIPS AC uses Smartsheet to send a message to the people leader to find out if appointment will be extended or not. The supervisor must send a response through the Smartsheet Update request received in email, or send new extension request through form indicated in the previous point.  
    • All extension requests are automatically routed to the SIPS finance team for approval.
    • When finance approval is received, the SIPS AC requests an extension through TAS.
    • HR reviews/approves extension request.
    • HR will send a letter to notify employee of appointment extension through TAS.
    • If applicable, SIPS AC will coordinate the visa sponsorship process before the extension request is submitted to HR. 
    • Supervisors should review the CALS Guidelines for additional compensation prior to submitting a bonus or one-time payment request. For any clarifications, they should reach out to the SIPS Appointments Coordinator, Roxana Usturoi: ru32 [at] cornell.edu () 
    • Supervisor must send the bonus or one-time payment request through the One Time Bonus form
    • Requests are automatically routed to the SIPS finance team for approval
    • Host contacts the SIPS Appointments Coordinator Roxana Usturoi, ru32 [at] cornell.edu ( )if they need guidance on a visitor’s appointment and to define the correct title, based on the visitor’s resume.
    • Once the title is established, the host sends request via Request to Host Research Visitor form, for Unpaid Intern, Visiting Fellow, Visiting Scholar, Visiting Assistant Professor, Visiting Associate Professor or Visiting Professor.
    • All visitor appointments require section chair and HR approval.
    • If the visitor or intern is under 18, a background check is required
    • In some cases, Visiting Fellow positions might need Sr Associate Dean’s approval, before the request is submitted to HR. 


    Paid Intern:

    Under 18:

    All individuals who would be working closely with the under 18 individual need to be listed in the paperwork and background checks completed. Following HR approval, the following also need to be completed:

    1. Register the internship with the Children and Youth Safety at Cornell.
    2. The faculty and staff working with the minor must complete two courses in CULearn.
      1. RMI 101 Protecting Children: Identifying and Reporting Sexual Misconduct
      2. RMI 103 Boundary Training for Educators Working with Minors
      3. The course completion certificate must be uploaded to the registered program.
    3. The parents will need to sign an assumption of risk form for their child.
      1. The form must be uploaded to the registered program.
      2. The form will be provided after the internship is registered with CYS.
    • In order to hire an hourly student employee, the job must be posted in Workday.
    • For details and instructions on managing the search in Workday, please refer to CALS Student Employment guidelines.
    • Scroll to the bottom of the CALS Student Employment guidelines and click on the Student Job Posting Form and fill in the required information.
    • Once the form is completed it will be automatically submitted and HR Student Employment posts the job

    All solutions require significant lead time (6-8 weeks) to implement. It is important that the solution be in place prior to work commencing. Contact globalhr [at] cornell.edu for assistance as soon as the need for staffing is identified. There are project- and country-specific considerations for each solution.

    If you are considering extended travel, hiring, and staffing abroad, consult Cornell's Global HR Quick Guide 2+ months in advance

    Review the guidelines provided at: Living & Working Outside New York State

    Depending on the state it may also be necessary to contract a temp agency to manage the hiring: Temp Agency Guidelines

    Facilites & services: How do I...

    Reserve a room on LibCal: At the link, you can select from the following rooms.

    • Plant Science/Mann/Surge AB: Mann 413, PLS 133, PLS 328a, PLS G22, PLS 317, Surge A 119, Surge B 175
    • Bradfield/Emerson: EMR 133, EMR 255, BF 816, BF G04, BF G16
    • Other: LHB Conservatory, PLS G24 Teaching Lab

    Reserve a room in 25Live: Most large spaces and classrooms are managed by central scheduling including heavily used spaces such as PLS 404, PLS 233, EMR 135, BF 101

    • SIPS room layouts - How to set up tables and chairs for different capacities in PS 404 and Emerson 135.


    • Catalina Enright, cle46 [at] cornell.educlass="spamspan"
    • Dayna Jorgenson, djj55 [at] cornell.educlass="spamspan"

    Shipping: USPS (domestic or international)

    Mail for a research project gets charged to the project account. Write the account number on a piece of paper, attach it to the letter or package, and leave in the mail room for pick up

    Mail for section business: fill out a meter slip for your section, attach to the item to be mailed, and leave in the mail room for pick up

    Mail for SIPS business: fill out a meter slip for SIPS, attach to the item to be mailed, and leave in the mail room for pick up

    Shipping: FedEx/UPS (domestic or international)

    To ship packages, please create an account through eShip Global and add the SIPS FedEx and UPS account numbers under billing profiles. You will be able to create shipping labels and print customs documents through this platform.

    To request the FedEx and UPS account numbers, please email Dayna Jorgenson (djj55 [at] cornell.edu) or Catalina Enright (cle46 [at] cornell.edu)

    Shipping in plain Styrofoam coolers is no longer allowed, and FedEx will reject your shipment if it is not a stryofoam cooler inside a box. Dry Ice is a DOT hazardous material and requires training as well as special marking and labeling. All DOT training can be found on-line via CU Learn

    Export control (international)

    Are you shipping materials internationally? If so, you need to get approval from Cornell Export Control every time an international shipment is made.

    • Who to contact: You can reach out directly to Sarah Marie Schlagter sms655 [at] cornell.edu, Terrence Rusch tr292 [at] cornell.edu, or use the main exportcontrols [at] cornell.edu address. It is hoped that a more automated process will be put into place in a year or so.
    • Information you need to send:
      • What is being shipped?  A thorough description of the item being exported so we can classify appropriately against the relevant controls lists
      • Who is it being shipped to?  The name and address of the foreign recipient so we can screen against any applicable restricted parties lists
      • Where will the item end up?  Is there any intention for the exported item to be sent to another foreign recipient in a third country (particularly one that is sanctioned or embargoed)?
      • What is the purpose of the export?  What specifically will the foreign recipient be doing with the exported item, why are we shipping to them, and is that a prohibited end-use?
    • How long does approval take: While many shipment reviews can be done in a fairly timely manner (say 1-2 business days), there can be situations where a more complex analysis is involved.  Similarly, if it is discovered that an export license or classification determination is required from the government, we are now looking at weeks (2-6) not days in order for my office to approve the shipment.  So, the more lead-time a researcher can provide, the better
    • Why? Shipments sent without an export license (if required) are a serious matter that can have significant ramifications for the university and the researcher involved.  The Export Controls Office is here to help prevent these types of situations from happening and want to protect both the institution and the faculty member.
    • What about the Fundamental Research Exclusion? The often-cited Fundamental Research Exclusion to export controls has no bearing on physical/tangible international shipments or transfers – in other words, all international shipments are in the scope of export controls and require review by this office even if the underlying research is or will be published

    Note that “approval” from Export Controls does not supersede any required protocols for EH&S’s hazardous materials program, nor CTL’s procedures for a Material Transfer Agreement, and vice versa. See answers to some frequently asked questions

    Deliveries: Plant Science & Mann

    Campus mail and US Postal mail is delivered to G21 (Hort/SIPS), 238 (Plant Biology) or 328 (Plant Path) Plant Science.
    FedEx and UPS packages are delivered to 111 Plant Science (5144*). You will be notified by email when you have a package ready for pickup.

    Please use your lab or office number as your return address. The mailhandlers know which room to deliver to based on your name and/or section affiliation.

    Deliveries: Bradfield & Emerson

    Campus mail and US Postal mail is delivered to 242 Emerson.
    FedEx and UPS packages are delivered to 242 Emerson. You will be notified by email when you have a package ready for pickup.
    To ship packages, please request a FedEx user account by emailing

    Please use your lab or office number as your return address. The mailhandlers know which room to deliver to based on your name and/or section affiliation.

    Go to NEBnow website to see freezer location information, request access, browse the current inventory available and to place a special order.

    Contact Catalina Enright (cle46 [at] cornell.edu) for any questions.

    1. Note scale reading (in pounds) before dispensing
    2. Take the amount of LN2 you need.
    3. Note current scale reading and calculate volume taken in liters.
    4. Log the date, your name, lab name, the volume taken in liters, and the current scale reading.
    5. Please email Dayna Jorgenson (djj55 [at] cornell.edu) if the reading on the scale is at or below 500 pounds, and there is no note yet that a new tank has been ordered.

    To become a user
    You can request access by emailing Tracy Chapman (tlk2 [at] cornell.edu) with a default account number.

    Current users
    Must sign out a key from Steve Hatfield, PLS Loading dock. One key is allowed per lab.
    For issues with the cage, please contact Greg Smith (gjs25 [at] cornell.edu)
    Helpful Conversions
    1 pound of LN2 is 0.56 liters
    1 liter of LN2 weighs 1.78 pounds
    0.5L of LN2 weighs 0.89 pounds

    For training or questions about the safe use of LN2
    Visit the Environment, Health and Safety website: http://ehs.cornell.edu/

    For users needing large quantities
    This tank is intended to provide access to lower quantities for multiple users. If your lab requires large quantities, please establish a PO directly with Airgas for this purpose through e-Shop. Questions regarding this process can be sent to Tracy Chapman (tlk2 [at] cornell.edu)

    Additional on-campus distribution center
    In the event that liquid nitrogen is not available at this site, it may be available in Clark Hall (Room BH21). For more information about accessing liquid nitrogen through this alternate dispensing facility, please visit the website below.

    NOTE: Transportation options for field trips are extremely limited right now, with some of our former providers having gone out of business or consolidated.  Those still in business have low inventory and are often very slow to respond to inquiries.  If you expect to need vehicles in the coming year, you are advised to make reservations ASAP.

    List of transportation providers approved by Cornell

    Swarthout Coaches (large buses, 30+ passengers)

    Call (607) 257-2277 to make a reservation.

    Information you will need to provide:

    • Charge PO #: 1382753
    • Pick up and drop off times and locations:
    • Itinerary information:
    • # of passengers:
    • Contact phone number for day of:
    • After making a reservation, please email Dayna Jorgenson (djj55 [at] cornell.edu) all the above, plus:
      • Instructor name and course prefix and #. Example: charge to John Smith for course PLSCI 1100


    Call 607-795-4426 to make a reservation

    Information you will need to provide:

    • Charge PO #: 1451804

    • Pick up and drop off times and locations:
    • Itinerary information:
    • # of passengers:
    • Contact phone number for day of:
    • After making a reservation, please email Dayna Jorgenson (djj55 [at] cornell.edu) all the above, plus:
      • Instructor name and course prefix and #. Example: charge to John Smith for course PLSCI 1100

    Cornell Fleet

    • Contact the Fleet Garage
    • Fleet Vans, 12-passenger are still available at this time
    • Andrea Gilbert (ag16 [at] cornell.edudata-auth="NotApplicable" data-linkindex="6" rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank") can provide the instruction account # if you don’t already have it

    Ithaca-Geneva Shuttle Guidelines

    • Priority is given to students
    • Students may board at any pick-up location (Roberts Hall, Dewitt Park, Cass Park)
    • Faculty and staff may only board at Cass Park after all students have boarded (Ithaca to Geneva northbound route only)

    Students have priority when using the shuttle. On the northbound shuttle, students will have the option to board at Roberts Hall, Dewitt Park, or Cass Park. Occasionally, the number of riders has exceeded the capacity of the vehicle. Therefore, faculty and staff (including post-docs, research associates, temporary employees, etc.) must board the shuttle at Cass Park and only after students have had the opportunity to board. In the event the shuttle is full and unable to accommodate all riders, non-student riders must be prepared to use alternate transportation (i.e. driving a personal vehicle from Cass Park to Geneva). 

    We hope to continue to offer the shuttle at no cost to riders, but in the future we may have to recover a portion of the costs by charging a fee to faculty and staff. Please send any shuttle-related questions or feedback to Gemma Osborne (gro2)

    You may view the shuttle schedule here: https://cornell.box.com/s/1uakew2bookadlditxjktg0dbh7ygxll

    Request grocery delivery for instructional purposes

    One-Day and Short-Term Parking Permits:

    Cornell Transportation Services has transitioned to Parkmobile for parking permits for visitors, conferences and events, prospective students, etc. Visitors can be advised that the Peterson Lot on the corner of Tower and Judd Falls Road is the closest lot Parkmobile lot to Plant Science/Bradfield/Emerson/Mann. If the Peterson Lot is full, the lot beside the Nevin Welcome Center in the Botanic Gardens is also a good option. Cornell map

    Please use this link to access the online form to request permits. You will need to login, and your information will pre-fill. Scroll down to complete the form. When you enter the account number, be sure to enter the course number in the Org Ref ID field when the permit is related to a class.

    Permits can be sent as a pdf to you or directly to your visitor, or they can be picked up at Transportation Services, 116 Maple Ave. To have permits sent by email, choose that option in the Select Delivery Option drop down, and enter the email address the permit is to be sent to, in the Special Instructions field.

    The BZ permit allows visitors to park in the N lot which runs between Tower Road and the practice fields, directly across the street from Bradfield and Plant Science.

    How will this new system work from our unit's perspective?

    Units can:

    How will Transportation process the requests?

    Transportation Services will:

    • process the transaction as they are received via email or in person.
    • send the unit (or the guest) a .pdf of their permit to print, or print for them (upon request).
    • invoice the department monthly for their permit orders.

    Items to note:

    • Orders can be canceled only if the request has not yet been processed.
    • There are no refunds for processed orders.
    • Each permit has a unique identifier; never alter or reuse one-day permits.
    • If you charge individuals a fee or resell permits, you must collect NYS sales tax. Please contact your business service center for guidance.


    Planning and hosting a social activity? (e.g. grad student chili cook off)

    • SIPS room layouts - How to set up tables and chairs for different capacities in PS 404 and Emerson 135.
    • Schedule your event in Cornell's 25Live system - note that if you are serving alcohol, a responsible person (21+ yrs. old) is required to be on site throughout the event and agrees to not consume alcohol.  Alcohol must be served and attended to at all times (no self serve). Events with over 50 people in attendance require a university approved caterer

    Planning and hosting a larger event?

    SIPS does not currently have event support staff. To learn about available options for event support outside SIPS, contact Magdalen Lindeberg or Catalina Enright. Provide as much information as you have at this moment – dates, number of attendees.

    What options are available?

    • Magdalen or Catalina can provide you with checklist and suggestions of venders
    • Assist you in hiring a temp or student helper
    • Connect you with Cornell Conference Services
    • Advertise a “gig” development opportunity that allows a Cornell employee outside SIPS to support you while enhancing their skills.

    NOTE: if you are preparing a grant that includes sponsorship of one or more events, we may be able assist with estimates of likely costs

    View this Smartsheet with an inventory of available/free used lab supplies and equipment.

    If you find something you want, add your name to the “Taker” field on that row, and indicate where the item should be delivered to by using the “Deliver To” field. You are also welcome to arrange pickup or viewing of the item.  Indicate that in the “Notes” field.

    If you would like to donate items to the inventory, use this inventory entry form. Provide as much information as possible, including a photo of the item.

    PO#s for FY24 for equipment repair:

    • Precision Scale & Balance: PO# 1467481
    • Phoenix Equipment: PO# 1467733

    SIPS admin staff: who does what...

    Postdoc appointments: Roxana Usturoi, ru32 [at] cornell.edu

    Non‐Academic Appointments: Roxana Usturoi, ru32 [at] cornell.edu

    Visitor Appointments: Roxana Usturoi, ru32 [at] cornell.edu

    Hourly students hiring process: Roxana Usturoi, ru32 [at] cornell.edu

    Academic Appointments (tenure-track and RTE faculty, adjunct, courtesy)

    • HORT/PPPMB – Michele Blackmore, mb2525 [at] cornell.edu
    • PBG/SCS ‐ Amy Collins, acl10 [at] cornell.edu
    • PB ‐ Karin Jantz, kpg2 [at] cornell.edu

    Non-standard appointments: Leslie Larsen, lal262 [at] cornell.edu

    Financial Approvals:

    • HORT/PPPMB/SIPS ‐ Tracy Chapman, tlk2 [at] cornell.edu
    • PB ‐ Linda Cox ‐ ljs42 [at] cornell.edu
    • PBG ‐ Elaine Davis, es29 [at] cornell.edu
    • SCS ‐ Kara Gibson, kc947 [at] cornell.edu

    Primary Contact, Always Start Here

    • HORT/PPPMB /SIPS‐ Tracy Chapman, tlk2 [at] cornell.edu
    • PB ‐ Linda Cox ‐ ljs42 [at] cornell.edu
    • PBG ‐ Elaine Davis, es29 [at] cornell.edu
    • SCS ‐ Kara Gibson, kc947 [at] cornell.edu

    Additional finance staff (including telecomm questions): Andrea Gilbert, ag16 [at] cornell.edu

    SIPS Finance Manager: Tracy Chapman, tlk2 [at] cornell.edu

    General/Space Needs/Keys/Not Sure: Leslie Larsen, lal262 [at] cornell.edu
    Urgent Issues: Greg Smith, gjs25 [at] cornell.edu
    Chemical Safety/Disposal: Kelly Hanley, klh54 [at] cornell.edu

    MS/PhD related

    • HORT/PPPMB ‐ Josh Balles, jeb527 [at] cornell.edu
    • PB ‐ Karin Jantz, kpg2 [at] cornell.edu
    • PBG/SCS ‐ Alicia Caswell, amd33 [at] cornell.edu

    MPS related: Tara Reed, tln2 [at] cornell.edu
    Backup for GFA/Chair Signatures: Leslie Larsen, lal262 [at] cornell.edu

    Plant Sciences Major & Courses: Leah Cook, lcc2 [at] cornell.edu

    Agricultural Sciences Major & Courses: Kari Richards, ksu2 [at] cornell.edu

    Lucille Luce: lme49 [at] cornell.edu

    Craig Cramer, cdc25 [at] cornell.edu
    Magdalen Lindeberg, ml16 [at] cornell.edu

    CALS Office of Sponsored Research

    • HORT/PPPMB/PB ‐ Alita Howard, ath32 [at] cornell.edu
    • PBG/SIPS Other ‐ Abby Blinn, arb382 [at] cornell.edu
    • SCS ‐ Tiffanie Rosenberger, tr366 [at] cornell.edu

    Backup for Chair Form 10 Signature: Tracy Chapman, tlk2 [at] cornell.edu

    Updates and documents

    Building Renovation Updates: Plant Science Building is scheduled for upcoming renovation. Learn more about the renovations, answers to frequently asked questions, and recent updates.

    SIPS Intranet on SharePoint: SharePoint is a SIPS Intranet used to archive documents, policies, standard operating procedures, and other information relevant to SIPS operation

    SIPS Executive Committee Meeting Highlights: Learn more about topics addressed during regular meetings of the SIPS Executive Committee

    Forms: see here

    SIPS Kudos 

    Interested in recognizing an individual or group for their exemplary work? Let us know and it will be shared in upcoming updates from the SIPS Director