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The five SIPS sections host regular seminars, attendance of which can be logged online for credit. 

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The latest news...

Local beekeepers and researchers examine an open log with a Melipona favosa nest during a workshop


Beekeeping, hydropower: Cornell Atkinson awards nearly $1M in grants

Cornell Atkinson’s annual Academic Venture Fund will provide nearly $1 million in seed funding to support research teams across five colleges and 11 departments, many with key external partnerships.

  • Cornell Atkinson
  • Animal Science
  • Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
A farm worker prepares a field for planting


Cornell researchers have tested an ecological tool in the fight to control weeds in silage soybean and corn fields: adding carbon to soil in the form of sawdust and rye hay.

  • Soil
  • Crops
  • Horticulture Section
grain seedheads frame field day crowd


  • New York State Integrated Pest Management
  • School of Integrative Plant Science
  • Plant Breeding and Genetics Section
Portrait of Antonio DiTommaso


Antonio DiTommaso, professor and outgoing head of the School of Integrative Plant Science’s Soil and Crop Sciences Section, has been named associate director of the Cornell University Agricultural Experiment Station (Cornell AES), effective July...
  • Cornell University Agricultural Experiment Station
  • Soil and Crop Sciences Section
  • Agriculture
two young women working in a garden


  • School of Integrative Plant Science
  • Horticulture Section