SIPS Parking Pass Request Form

Permit is valid for single (1) day use only. Failure to properly scratch the month and day, or scratching more than one day may result in a citation. 

Hang this parking permit from the rear view mirror, other side facing the windshield. For vehicles without a rear view mirror, place face up on the driver's side of the dash. 

Valid in areas signed D, J, L, N, P, U, Z, C, G, HH, ME, 0, R, WE, E, A; student residence permit areas FH, ND, SW, WD. Valid in night/weekend restricted areas; two hour parking limit in areas signed FLEX. Valid 30-minutes in loading. Not valid in spaces signed VISITOR or MT. 

This permit does not grant immunity to fines or towing for illegal parking. Misuse or alteration of this permit will result in vehicle being booted or towed at owner's expense, permit confiscation, a fine, and campus judicial charges. 

If you need assistance, stop at a parking and information booth or call 255-PARK. In case of an emergency, dial 911, or call Cornell Police by picking up any blue light telephone.