2021 SIPS Strategic Plan

The SIPS community has initiated development of a new strategic plan. In line with the recommendations of the recent external program review, the plan will have a SIPS-wide focus. The purpose of this planning process is to define where we want SIPS to be in the next 5-10 years. This is the time to think outside the box and be aspirational. All feedback is anonymous. For reference, The 2015 strategic plan developed concurrent with the creation of SIPS can be viewed here.

As a follow-up to the diversity audit and climate survey in 2017 and the town hall this summer, this survey includes an opportunity to suggest future steps for increasing diversity and inclusion in SIPS. Another climate survey is planned for 2020. Information on diversity within SIPS can be viewed here.


November 2020: Survey sent to SIPS faculty, graduate students, post-docs, and technical & administrative staff

Survey Responses

Responses have been condensed and duplications removed for more efficient review of the breadth of responses. Survey response summary