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July 9, 2020

Learn more about resources for purchasing 30% NYS products for Farm to School. Cornell Harvest NY discusses their 30% Guidance Document and the just-released NYS 30% product database. The NYS Dept. of Education will be shares updated information on the 30% initiative and their new 30% worksheet, a tool designed to assist SFA’s with preparing the necessary attestation to accompany their 30% reimbursement application. An update on the NY 30% Initiative Conference, which is scheduled for later this summer, is also.

Presenters include Cheryl Bilinski (Thayer), Cornell Harvest NY program, Tara Webster, and Michele Beaver, NYS Dept. of Education.

Please reach out using the following contact information with questions or for more information about this presentation. 


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Moira Tidball, Cornell Cooperative Extension Seneca County

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